Learning Environments

At Georgia College, teaching is #1!  Research shows that active learning classrooms and the use of pedagogy that supports active learning improves student learning outcomes, grades, and engagement.  The campus has a growing number of classrooms enhanced with technology to support teaching, as well as technology enhanced learning spaces for students.

Technology Enhanced Classrooms and Resources

Classroom Location



Atkinson 110

  • 32-seat classroom
  • 2 - 70” displays - one in front and one on side 
  • Mobile seating
  • Mobile tables


Atkinson 110 classroom showing tables, chairs and front of the room displays

Atkinson 308

  • 40-seat classroom
  • Computer lab 
  • Front room projection with technology enhanced collaboration (TEC)
  • Powered convertible desk (lowers computers below desk for non-use)


Atkinson 308 classroom showing computers and front of the room display

Atkinson 309

  • 40-seat classroom
  • Computer lab
  • Pod design w/5 seats/pod
  • 8 pod displays
  • Front room projection TEC projection
  • Powered convertible desk (lowers computers below desk for non-use)


Atkinson 309 computer classroom showing the pod seating layouts

Arts & Sciences 370

  • 89-seat classroom
  • Tiered lecture room
  • Mobile height adjusting chairs
  • Front room projection
  • Two 70” side displays with TEC projection
  • Ceiling speakers with instructor microphone


Photo of the A&S 3-70 classroom showing front of the classroom

Library 241

  • 40-seat classroom
  • Computer lab
  • Mobile chairs
  • Front (Smart board) and rear projection


Library 241 computer classroom showing the computers, seating arrangement and rear screen

Learn more about innovative learning environments at FlexSpace.org to visualize the possibilities for Georgia College.