Midterm Course Feedback

The Center for Teaching and Learning offers a confidential, formative, mid-term peer assessment of teaching to all GC instructors. Beginning the semester of Spring 2018, CTL will include an optional peer observation of teaching component to the mid-term course assessment program. The peer assessment is ideally completed 4-8 weeks into the semester. At your invitation, a facilitator-trained in peer observation and the Group Instructional Feedback Technique (GIFT) will visit your class. You may request the peer observation only, the GIFT feedback only, or both. The faculty member conducting the peer observation will apply one of two observation tools; you decide which tool would be most appropriate. You can review the first protocol here and the other one here.

If you request the GIFT feedback, the same faculty member who conducted the peer observation will guide your students through a 30-minute, group consensus-building process in which they address the following four questions:

  1. What do you like about any aspect of this course that helps you learn the material?
  2. What suggestions do you have for improving any aspect of this course that would help you learn more?
  3. How could those suggestions be implemented?
  4. What can students do to improve this course?

If you request both the peer observation and GIFT feedback, please plan to teach a lesson for the first 40 minutes of the class for the peer observation component and leave 20 to 30 minutes for the GIFT component. After the classroom visit, the facilitator collates and types up their observations and/or student feedback and will meet with you a week or so later to review their and the students' feedback. You  decide how or whether to respond to this feedback. You also decide whether or not to include this feedback in your individual faculty report or promotion and tenure portfolio. The facilitator will not provide their observations and student feedback to anybody other than you.

This mid-term course feedback is useful for instructors in many situations, but especially for those teaching a new course. Contact ctl@gcsu.edu for assistance.

To schedule an assessment, complete the Spring 2018 request form  and send it to ctl@gcsu.edu. Contact Steven Jones if you would like to train as a CTL mid-term feedback facilitator.