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Krisolin Lamereo Olaysha Sanford

Krisolin Lamereo Olaysha Sanford is a Baldwin High School Senior who has participated in the Early College Program since 7th grade. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel and Lourine Sanford. Krisolin is currently dually enrolled at Georgia College and Georgia Military College and hopes to continue her post-secondary education at Georgia State University while majoring in criminal justice. Krisolin has been a Baldwin Braves cheerleader for three years, played soccer four years and is currently the captain of the soccer team. Krisolin volunteers,weekly, at Baldwin County School District's Early Learning Center. Krisolin has shared her Early College experience below.

"To sum up my Early College experience with one word, it would be challenging. The challenges that I have experienced have definitely helped me grow.  I have learned how to work with different people I didn't know and how to make the necessary adaptations to complete projects and other tasks we have been given. Without my Early College experience, I would not have expanded my friendships beyond my small immediate circle of friends. Through each struggle, both inside and outside of our classes, I've grown closer and closer to my classmates. I feel that the lessons I've learned about people, in general,  will help me beyond high school because I now understand how to successfully work with people from different backgrounds and who have different perspectives. I've learned to value what everyone has to bring to the table, and I understand that success is found in what the team accomplishes, instead of the individual."

-- Krisolin Sanford, Senior 2017   




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