Middle Grades Education 
Outstanding Undergraduate Student Awards
  Outstanding Student Outstanding Academic Student Outstanding Departmental Major
2010 Rebecca Moore Sara Pierce Christy Clark
2009 Kathryn Telford Hillary Cagle Shannon Williams
2008 Nicole Cowin Ashley Chesnut Meghan Strickland
2007 Laura N. Sims Tabitha Davis Daniel Ghann
2006 Ashley Strickland Sarah Dausner Kathleen Kent Gilreath
2005 Michael Akeem Williams Valerie Warr Jonathan Cartledge
Outstanding Student: Macon/Dublin
Outstanding Academic Student
Outstanding Departmental Major
Charles Myers
Amanda Grant
Chauncey Keaton (Macon)
Jill Tarleton (M'ville)
Charles Myers
Amy Rary
not awarded
Patricia Martin
Lewissa Swords
Nikki Chambers (Macon)
Lianna C. Nix
Chad Jimison
Anna Kea (Dublin)
Christie Jones
Heather Chancellor
Mike Rawls (Macon) 

not awarded

Sandy Fletcher
Tracy Etheridge
Anna Garbutt (Dublin)
Sara Hamby
Lauren Ammons
Jennifer Barber (Macon)
Jennifer Barber
Outstanding Students are voted on by the cohort members.  The recipients have demonstrated overall outstanding accomplishments in their work as students.

Outstanding Academic Students are given to students who have demonstrated high academic achievement as determined by their cumulative grade point average.

Outstanding Departmental Majors are voted on by the faculty members of each program.  The faculty members determine who best represents the program from which they are graduating.

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