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Draft GC Undergraduate Cohort Admission Application and Procedures for Fall 2019

Updated as of 7-17-2018

We welcome you to apply for the undergraduate education cohorts at Georgia College (GC) for Fall 2018.

Acceptance to GC does not automatically enroll you in a John H. Lounsbury College of Education cohort program. You must submit a completed application packet to the College of Education and be interviewed  in order to be considered for admittance to any undergraduate cohort program in the College of Education.


Program Descriptions
In Fall 2019, GC will offer undergraduate programs in Early Childhood Education, Middle Grades Education, and Special Education. Applicants may apply for multiple programs.

Note that Secondary Education programs are at the Master's level and you can begin the summer after you graduate with your bachelor's degree for the classroom based programs and in the fall for the online secondary education programs. The Middle Grades MAT is also available online.

If you are a transfer student, you must be officially admitted to GC before you may apply and interview for a cohort program. As acceptance to the university is a mandatory requirement before applying for admission to an education cohort program, please ensure that you have allowed ample time for the entire process.

Preservice Certificate
Admission to any cohort is contingent on the PSC issuing a Preservice Certificate which requires a satisfactory background check.


Please note:  If using a Mac computer, please open the interactive document with Adobe Acrobat.  

Application Packet Forms

  • GC Cohort Admission, Application, and Procedures
  • Information Sheet with Documentation Requests
  • Cohort Application Packet Checklist
  • Professional Recommendation Form (Please include THREE recommendations using this form.)
  • Applicant Questionnaire Form
  • Record of Experience with Young Children(required for Early Childhood Applicants)
  • Applicant needs to submit testing document showing completion of GACE 350 – Program Entry Ethics as required for admission to a program. To do this, the applicant will need to create a MyPSC account at using his/her legal name as shown on a driver’s license or other ID document, and select testing Reason #7, “I am taking the Georgia Educator Ethics assessment.”; select Georgia College & State University on the Program tab, and select GACE 350 from a drop-down menu list. Then he/she should create a testing account and register for the assessment at, pay the $30 fee online, indicate Georgia College & State University as a score recipient, complete the seven modules in 2.5-3 hours, and print the completion certificate for the application packet.
  • The applicant needs to complete the PreService Application Package. If accepted to the program for which application is being made, Georgia College will submit these forms to the Georgia Professional Standards Commission (PSC) to request a Pre-Service certificate.  The PSC does not charge a fee for these forms, which give the PSC permission to perform a background check.  The affidavit for Verification of Legal Presence must be completed with a notary public.  A copy of the identification document taken to the notary, usually a GA driver’s license, needs to be included. Here is a list of campus notaries.  Campus notaries do not charge a fee.

Professional Recommendation Form 
When choosing people to complete your professional recommendation forms, select persons who can address your potential as a future educator. Forms from friends, relatives, or social acquaintances are not appropriate for a professional recommendation. Ask permission from your sources before giving them a form. All recommendations must be in a sealed envelope with the seal signed by the person completing the form. It is the applicant's responsibility to collect the three recommendation forms and include them in your completed application packet.

Students who have complete application packets submitted by the priority deadline and who meet the minimum criteria will be scheduled for an interview. This interview is considered as a part of the admission process.

Field Experience
Experience working with students/children at the age level or with the disability in which you are interested is valued. Applicants for Early Childhood Education are required to submit a Record of Experience with Young Children as part of their application packet. Applicants for Middle Grades and Special Education are encouraged to submit a Record of Experience.

Laptop Requirement
All undergraduate cohort students will be required to have access to laptop computers to use in the classrooms and in field placements. GC does not provide laptops to students. 


Contact Information

Dr. Stacy Schwartz
Early Childhood Program Coordinator
Room 228F

Dr. Nancy Mizelle
Middle Grades Program Coordinator
Room 126

Dr. Stephen Wills
Special Education Program Coordinator
Room 228A

Ms. Bessie Storey
Administrative Assistant
CBX 72 Georgia College
101 Kilpatrick Education Center 101C
Phone: (478)-445-4577  Fax: (478)-445-0692

Dr. Desha Williams
John H. Lounsbury College of Education
Georgia College
Campus Box 70
Milledgeville, GA 31061