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Frequently Asked Questions-Early Childhood B.S. Degree

What is the cohort in The John H. Lounsbury College of Education?
A cohort is an organizational structure that we use to provide instruction, support, and guidance for teacher candidates.  Teacher candidates in Early Childhood Education enter together as juniors and stay together as a group, taking courses and completing field activities, over a period of two years. Each cohort group of 18-20 is guided during that period by a Mentor Leader--a professor skilled in advising, supervising, and implementing best teaching practices.

Who are contact people for the Early Childhood Education degree?

Dr. Lyndall Muschell, Coordinator 

CBX 71, 228E Kilpatrick Hall
Milledgeville, GA 31061
Phone toll free in Georgia: 1-800-342-0471 x1909

How can I apply for admission for this degree?
A. All students must first apply and be admitted to the university. For GC application procedures, please see the admissions web page.

B. After being admitted to the University, students make a separate application for the early childhood cohort program. This program begins at the beginning of the junior year. When the Cohort Application Packet for Early Childhood Education becomes available, you can find it from the COE intranet page. Look under the drop down menu for "Students". Completed applications are due the third Friday in January.

Where can I find out more about the undergraduate cohorts?
Here's a Web page listing frequently asked questions about the undergraduate cohorts in the College of Education.

What courses do I need to take for the bachelor degree in Early Childhood Education? This Web page lists the core courses and the courses required for the early childhood bachelor's degree.

Where can I find out more about the GACE test? This URL will answer more of your GACE Assessment questions.

Are there any scholarships available for students in the College of Education (COE)? The COE has several scholarships available.  Please see the scholarship page for more information.

What are the guidelines for immunizations? Here are the immunization guidelines. (pdf) 

Can I test out of any courses at GC? Students may earn credit by examination with the College-Level Examination Program.

After I complete my bachelors degree, is getting certification automatic? No.  For your initial certification, you must work through the certification officer, David Ladd, at GC to be recommended for certification. His office is in 228B Kilpatrick Hall; his phone number is 478-445-2514.  Please see the certification page for details.

Are there any student organizations that I may join that relate to Early Childhood? Yes. We have a student association of the GAYC (Georgia Association on Young Children). The contact person for this chapter at GC is Dr. Stacy Schwartz 478-445-6205.



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