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Georgia College Faculty Awards and Honors

Faculty Awards and Staff

Drs. Previts and Bauer will be the new Editors-in-Chief for the AMLE premiere publication “The Middle School Journal.” 
JoannePrevits DanBauer 

Dr. Previts was elected as a southern regional representative for NAPoMLE with a three-year term. 

Dr. Mizelle was voted (unanimously) as President Elect of the National Association of Professors of Middle Level Education and she will soon begin providing important leadership to this group.

AdvancED has named Dr. J.W. Good as the AdvancED Georgia Excellence in Education Award honoree for his unparalleled leadership in promoting and advancing excellence in education.

Nine students of Dr. Chris Greer’s Advanced Technology for Teachers course have produced an electronic textbook titled “Using Technology in Education,” — one of the first publications created by students and published through Apple iBookstore.

Drs. Linda Bradley and Dan Bauer
have received a new grant from the National Writing Project in the amount of $20,000.  This is federal funding to support 2012-2013 SEED Teacher Leadership Development for the Central Georgia Writing Project.  Dr. Bradley will be the lead PI on the project and manage the funding.  The purpose of this grant is to build site leadership capacity for providing and sustaining professional development in the teaching of writing for teachers in Washington County. The grant is an investment in the development of a minimum of 20 teacher leaders in the 2012-2013 academic year and/or summer 2013.  The project is effective July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013.

Dr. Holley Roberts was selected as the recipient of the GC Teaching Excellence Award and was given recognition on April 22, 2011.


Revel Pogue was recognized at the Service Learning Banquet, April 13, 2011, for her tireless work with students.  She received the Starfish Award for making "One at a Time" differences.

Congratulations to Dr. Edward Hill for being one of only nine recipients of grant funding from the Board of Regents under the University System of Georgia’s African-American Male Initiative (AAMI).  The grant selection committee selected Georgia College as one of nine USG institutions demonstrating the capacity to have impact and to document measurable outcomes with their AAMI programs.  Dr. Hill's grant will support Georgia College and system in continuing efforts to enhance the enrollment, retention and graduation of African-American males within the University System of Georgia’s colleges and universities.


Dr. Dan Bauer and Betta Borrelli were named new CETL Fellows for the Reacting to the Past Project. They participated in a two-day workshop on campus that involved elaborate simulations concerning historical events.  Both will develop a module for their classes and will receive $1500 stipends from the Office of Academic Affairs upon completion. These modules emphasize kinesthetic, auditory, and spatial aspects of learning while also integrating heavy use of reading and writing.


Dr. Sandra Hancock and Betta Borrelli were selected as Service Learning Fellows for 2011-2012. Each committed to attend a series of three workshops and engage with an experienced faculty mentor to develop a service learning component for a class they will teach during AY12.   Dr. Marianne Edwards will serve as a Faculty Mentor for this project.


Nicole DeClouette, Assistant Professor in the Special Education and Educational Leadership Department, was honored as the faculty member who had the most impact on a graduating senior athlete's college career (February 10, 2011). The graduating senior is Lauren Potts who plays softball and is in Dr. Larry Bacnik's cohort.


Dr. Ed Hill, Assistant Professor in Special Education and Educational Leadership, has been nominated for the 2011 Flagg Social Justice Award. Georgia College’s President Commission on Diversity and the Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity will present three awards to nominees who work to create a more inclusive middle Georgia community during the fourth annual Flagg Social Justice Legacy Awards Banquet. “The awards will recognize many of the unsung heroes who are building bridges among communities and demonstrating social change,” said Yves-Rose Saintdic, director of Institutional Equity at Georgia College. “These awards help create an archive of local heroes.”

Dr. Linda Golson Bradley, Associate Professor in the Early Childhood and Middle Grades Education, was awarded the GC Excellence in Teaching Award for 2009-2010.


Dr. Lyndall Muschell from the Early Childhood and Middle Grades department has reason to celebrate following an Outstanding Book Recognition Award from AERA's Division B.  Her contribution to the book Personal~Passionate~Participatory Inquiry into Social Justice in Education played part to its recent success.  Dr. Muschell contributed a chapter to this award winning book which was edited by Ming Fang He and JoAnn Phillion.

Dr. Diane Gregg was selected by the University of Missouri--St. Louis to receive the Outstanding Doctoral Student Award  For 2007-2008.  A Celebration Banquet at the University was held for the occasion.  Dr. Gregg is an associate professor in the Foundations and Secondary Education Department.

Dr. Rosemary Jackson was honored in Inquire and Inspire, (Volume 2, Issue 1, August 2007) a publication of Council for Exceptional Children.
"At the heart of many student CEC chapters is the chapter advisor. The chapter advisor serves to guide and motivate student members as they build their chapter and pursue professional activities. Dr. Rosemary Jackson, Professor at Georgia College (GC) and student CEC Advisor, has served as an inspiration to many students. In her 27 years in special education, Dr. Jackson has served in many capacities, but most recently her efforts have been focused on training special education teachers and building an active Georgia student CEC program. For 11 years, she has served as the CEC Chapter Advisor for both the GC and state of Georgia student chapters.


"Dr. Jackson views CEC involvement as integral to the professional development of teachers in training and to the continued growth of teachers in the field. Dr. Jackson shared, "SCEC is an excellent way for pro- grams to help students evolve into professionals, to connect students with mentors, and to make teacher training programs stronger." By integrating CEC journals and conference attendance into course requirements, she creates high expectations for student involvement, learning, and leadership. The results of this approach are outstanding.


"Her students have served as state and local student CEC officers, collaborated with Georgia CEC Pioneers, won national awards, and presented at state and national CEC conferences. Her students exit prepared to take positions of leadership in the field and to make a difference in the lives of students with disabilities. The accolades her former students receive (e.g., teacher of the year awards, Georgia CEC President-Elect) are testament to the impact of her mentoring. As Dr. Jackson retires, we would like to express thanks to her for her years of service to special education and CEC! "



Dr. Craig Smith, Chairperson of Special Education and Educational Leadership, has been named a consulting editor for the journal Preventing School Failure-Alternative Education for Children and Youth http://www.tandf.co.uk/journals/titles/1045988X.asp

Jennifer Marshall nominated Dr. Linda Golson as "Honor Professor" for Phi Kappa Phi in 2007.


Alecia Nichols nominated Ms. Holley Roberts as "Honor Professor" for Phi Kappa Phi in 2007.


Mr. Geza Martiny was presented with the United States President's Call to Service Award in 2006 for his "making a difference through volunteer service."  He also received in 2006 the American Red Cross Lifetime Volunteer Award for forty-six years of service.


Claire Nacey and Beth Davis both nominated Dr. Lee Digiovanni as "Honor Professor" for Phi Kappa Phi in 2006.  She was also nominated in 2007 by Kalisa Grant.  Ms. Nacey declared, Dr. D. "continually encouraged us to get outside of our comfort zone and challenged me, in particular, to question many things especially in the field of education."  Ms. Davis commented, "She totally devoted her attention to us and let us in to parts of her life that have shaped her....She treated me like an equal rather than a student."
 Digiovanni Lee Color

Kelli Vick nominated Dr. Rebecca McMullen as "Honor Professor" for Phi Kappa Phi in 2006. Ms. Vick wrote, "Dr. McMullen has influenced me from the time I arrived at Georgia College.  She has been very inspiring because I have seen that I truly can do anything I wish to do...It took her almost ten years to get her doctorate but did not give up."


Mr. Geza Martiny was awarded the Irene Rose Community Service Award, April 2006. The Irene Rose Community Service Award is a university award presented to someone committed to service to the central Georgia community while employed at GC.  Mr. Martiny initiated three sports' clubs; taught Continuing Education classes; reached P-12 students through outreach programs; served on state, regional, and national boards; worked on the 1996 Olympic committee; served extensively through Red Cross activities; and helped with the Juvenile Justice Advisory Community Council.

Dr. Craig Smith was reappointed by Governor Perdue for another term on the Professional Standards Commission (PSC).  He served until 2010.  The PSC is responsible for certification of all teachers, leaders and counselors in the state of Georgia.  In addition, the PSC is involved with Teacher Preparation, Ethics, Workforce and Teach Georgia.  Dr. Smith was appointed Chairperson of the Educator Preparation Committee and was selected as one of only three members of the Executive Committee which functions to provide advice to the Secretary on matters deemed of importance.
Dr. Craig Smith was nominated for "Honor Professor" for Phi Kappa Phi three times in the last six years--1998 by Jill Munier, 2002 by Erin Howell, and in 2005 by Meggie Cockeram



Amanda Gray nominated Dr. Amy Childre as "Honor Professor" for Phi Kappa Phi in 2004. Ms. Gray's nomination of Dr. Childre states, "Dr. Childre is passionate about her work and motivated to stay that way.  Her involvement in activities outside the college classroom prove her attitude towards making a difference.  Dr. Childre listens to her students during class; she doesn't mind stopping her lesson to answer questions that are not exactly on the topic being discussed.  Her patience and caring nature inspire me to be this kind of teacher." childre



Dr. Karynne Kleine and Dr. Mike Gleason were accepted into the NSF funded program at Dartmouth "Ethics, Legal and Social Implications of the Human Genome."
Dr. Karynne Kleine was awarded the GC Excellence in Teaching Award, 2003 

Mr. Geza Martiny received GC Bobcat Award for Outstanding Service to Students, 2003




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