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Georgia Master Teachers

Every year, Georgia recognizes its best teachers. These professionals receive a Master Teacher designation on their certificates, identifying them as educators who have positively influenced student achievement in the classroom.  Master Teachers from Georgia College include the following educators:


Shara Allen--- Clayton County (EdS Curriculum & Instruction 2012

Christopher Callison Smith---DeKalb County (MEd Special Education 2008)

Sally Louise Burkett--- Gwinnett County (BS Middle Grades 1997)

Merritt Morgan Arnold---Oconee County (MEd Administration & Supervision 2000)


Larissa Danielle  Beecher-- Houston County (B.S. Special Ed 2006, M.Ed Ed Leadership 2009, EdS Special Education 2011)

Amy Karen Garnto-- Lauren County (B.S Middle Grades Ed 1995)

Mary I. Joiner-- Oconee County (B.S. Early Childhood Education 1996, M.Ed Early Childhood Education 1999)

Dennis Drummond-- Baldwin County (M.Ed Educational Leadership, 2007)


Ann English Steege--Lamar County (Ed.S. Early Childhood Education, 2008; Reading Endorsement, 2008)

Cheryl E. Ducray--Fulton County (M.Ed. Educational Leadership, 2010)

Felicia King Layfield--Houston County (M.Ed. Educational Leadership, 2003)

Tammy Grantham Toth--Bibb County (M.Ed. Elementary Childhood Education, 1998)


J.W. Mozley--Gwinnett County (B.A. Mathematics, 2003; M.A.T. Mathematics 2005)

Cynthia Darlyn Davis--Houston County (B.S. Middle Grades, 1988; M. Ed. Middle Grades 1990)

Brandy Farrell--Houston County (B.S. Middle Grades, 2000)

Carla Jean Roberts--Houston County (Ed.S. Middle Grades, 2008)

Robin Sadler Way--Houston County (M.Ed. Special Education, 1991)

Stephanie Smith Wilson--Houston County (B.S. Middle Grades, 2000; M.Ed. Educational Leadership, 2006)

Pamela Kelley Edge--Jasper County (B.S. Early Childhood Education, 1996)

Amy Purser Lundy--Jones County (B.S. Middle Grades, 1993)

Melinda Joy Kennedy--Liberty County (M.Ed. Health and P.E., 2001)


Harriet Strickland Agen--Bibb County (B.S. Early Childhood Education, 1985)

Dana Jeanette Walker--Houston County (M.Ed. Secondary Education, 2002; Ed.S. Educational Leadership, 2005)

Kimberly Marie Henson--Houston County (B.S. Middle Grades, 2000; M.Ed Educational Leadership, 2004)

Mary Jane Fischer--Houston Country (M.Ed. Educational Leadership, 2004)

Rose M. Powell--Houston County (M.Ed. Educational Leadership, 2002; Ed.S. Educational Leadership, 2008)

Sheree Deniese Wright--Houston County (Ed.S. Middle Grades, 2005)

Tammy Denison Strickland--Houston County (B.S. Middle Grades, 1995)

Latrasha Lorraine Palmer--McDuffie County (Ed.S. Leadership, 2005)

Stephanie L. Ramage--Houston County (B.S. Middle Grades, 2004)

Jennifer Harrell Morris--Putnam County (M.Ed. Middle Grades, 2005)

Penni Renee Van de Mark--Baldwin County (M.Ed. Middle Grades, 1997)

Rebecca S. Warren--Houston County (Leadership Non-degree, 2001)


Donna B. Kirby--Baldwin County (B.S. Middle Grades, 1990)

Angela Lynn Peacock--Dodge County (B.S. Middle Grades 1997)

Angela Carnes Bailey--Jones County (B.S. Special Education, 1990; M.Ed. Special Education, 1994)

Holly M. Parker--Putnam County (Ed.S. Early Childhood, 2004)


Deanna Kay Allen--Blecklye County (B.S. Early Childhood Education, 1998)

Tonya Kendrick-Powell--McDuffie County (M.Ed. Leadership, 1992)

Tracee M. Kitchens--Bleckley County (M.Ed. Early Childhood, 1991)

Michael Duane McNutt--Griffin-Spalding County (Ed.S. Curriculum & Instruction, 2009)

Cathy Nobles Methvin--Dublin City (B.S. Early Childhood, 1990)

Robert Lee Wells--Wilkinson County (B.S. Biology, 1971; Ed.S. Science, 1997)


Nancy Annette Alford--Baldwin County (B.S. Middle Grades, 1990)

Julie A. Claxton--Baldwin County (B.S. Biology; M.Ed. Middle Grades, 1997; Ed.S. Middle Grades, 2003)

Cindy Hall Crews--Cherokee County (B.S. Early Childhood Education, 1988)

Marilyn Gibbons Davis--Jefferson County (B.S. Middle Grades, 1999)

Valeria T. M. Gladney--(M.Ed. Middle Grades, 2001; Ed.S. Leadership, 2007)

Donald Eugene Gramm--Dooly County (M.Ed. Leadership, 2010)

Kim Roberson Hornsby--Baldwin County (B.S. Special Education, 1978)

Monica L. Kelley--Clayton County (Leadership Add-on, 2002)

Kaneice Bembry Lucas--Houston County (Ed.S. Middle Grades, 2003)

Amy Alisha Marlowe-Harrell--Jones County (M.Ed. Middle Grades, 1999)

Wendy Coleman Martin--Jones County (B.S. Early Childhood Education, 1993; M.Ed. Early Childhood Education, 1997; Ed.S. Early Childhood Education, 2001)

Nelanie Witcraft McAfee--Baldwin County (B.S. Early Childhood Education, 1990; M.Ed Early Childhood Education, 1995; Ed.S. Leadership, 2008)

Patty Queen Wells--Jones County (B.S. Biology, 1971; Ed.S. Science 1996) 

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