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Graduate Assistantships M.A.T. Secondary Education (grades 6-12) and M.A.T. Middle Grades Education (grades 4-8)

Students receiving an M.A.T. - Secondary Education or an M.A.T.-Middle Grades Graduate Assistantship will work primarily as assistants with Georgia College Early College and as M.A.T. ambassadors. Early College responsibilities will include tutoring, assistant teaching, assisting with on and off campus field trips, assisting in the design of exploratory courses, finding resources and researching program related initiatives. Ambassador responsibilities will include working with the Future High School Educators' club; helping establish clubs in local high schools; visiting undergraduate classes to answer questions about the program; preparing future M.A.T. students for volunteer work at Early College and other local schools; representing the M.A.T. programs at FallFest, SpringFest, and other events; and meeting with professors to increase their understanding of the M.A.T. Programs.

To be eligible for an M.A.T.--Middle Grades or Secondary Graduate  Assistantship, a student must meet the following requirements:

Be fully admitted to the M.A.T. program. Preference will be given to individuals with volunteer or paid experience in public schools and to those with other experiences working with middle or high school age students.

Maintain academic good standing. If a student's grade point average falls below a 3.00 (academic warning), the student will have the next semester or summer term to improve and return to good standing before termination of the assistantship. Should a student fail to return to good standing after the next semester or summer term or should a student receive academic exclusion and be dismissed from the degree program, the assistantship will be terminated at once.

Application Procedure
For students working on degrees in the college of education, applications for graduate assistantships should be directed to the Asst. Dean of the John H. Lounsbury College of Education,  Box 70.  Approval is granted by the chairperson or director of the hiring department, the student's graduate coordinator (who in the college of education is the chairperson) and assistant dean of the college of education. Graduate assistantships are limited; not all applicants receive them.

Application Form (pdf)

Interview and Offer Process
Students make appointments to interview with people who have graduate assistantship openings relevant to their major field of study. Offers are made by the persons hiring the GAs; however, those offers must be approved by the students' graduate advisors and the assistant dean of the college of education. 

Notification of Approval
The Assistant Dean of the John H. Lounsbury College of Education will send written notification when the student's recommendation for appointment has been approved. The letter of approval will contain the name of the department chairperson, dean or director who will assign the work responsibilities and the amount of the stipend per semester. The supervisor and the graduate coordinator will also receive copies of the approval letter.

M.A.T.-Middle Grades and Secondary Education Graduate Assistants work 7-10 hours per week for a total of 150 hours during the fall semester and 150 hours during the spring semester. Course loads for graduate assistants must be at least six graduate semester hours. For liability reasons, GAs cannot start work before the first day of the semester. The work period is the first day of class through the last day of finals. Graduate Assistants arrange work schedules with the supervisors. They turn in monthly logs to the Assistant Dean of the John H. Lounsbury College of Education. Fall and spring break days are built into the calendar and graduate assistants are not required to work on those days when class is not in session.

All students who receive a graduate assistantship position are required to attend an orientation session. During the orientation, important and key information will be provided regarding the policies and procedures of the assistantship program. The session is also an opportunity for the students to meet each other and ask any questions. Your I-9 form MUST be filled out and in Human Resources by the third day of class.

All MAT graduate assistants are required to pay one-half of their tuition fees and a special matriculation fee of $25.00. The assistantship allows the university to waive the out-of-state fees. The assistantship does not cover any of the student fees; therefore, the student is responsible for paying athletic, student activity, health, technology, parking and any laboratory fees. Graduate Assistants must pay for health insurance or demonstrate through Pearce and Pearce, Inc. that they have approved group insurance. http://www.studentinsurance.com/

Residence hall and meal plan expenses are also the responsibility of the student. The tuition for Maymester courses or workshops cannot be waived.

Failure to pay fees and insurance (if applicable) by the GC deadline will result in the rescinding of the Graduate Assistantship.

Graduate Assistants will be paid one fourth of their stipend on each of the payroll dates during the semester; these dates are determined by the Office of Human Resources. Usually the first payment is the last working day in September. The Human Resource Calendar can be accessed through the student portal, MyCats. MAT Graduate Assistant stipends are $1157.50 for fall semester and $1157.50 for spring semester. Direct deposit is required of all GC employees. First payments are usually in a check form at the business office. Later payments are usually directly deposited.

Feedback and Evaluation
After the midpoint of each semester, each Graduate Assistant will provide feedback about the experience. This feedback will be a chance to discuss the benefits and any concerns or ideas for improvements.  This feedback goes to the Asst. Dean of the College of Education and is confidential. The completed feedback is required before tuition can be waived for the next semester. We need the GA Supervision Form and the GA Feedback Form by November 15 in order to program Banner to waive tuition prior to the billing for the spring semester. You can check the status of your account by going to MyCats > PAWS > Secure Area (with password) > Student Financial Aid > Student Records (account summary) > Account Balance.

The supervisor will also evaluate the student's performance in the position at the same time.

Contact Information for the College of Education
Mr. David Ladd
Georgia College
Campus Box 070
Milledgeville, GA 31061


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