Alumni Publications

Beecher, L., & Childre, A. (in press). Increasing literacy skills for students with developmental and intellectual disabilities: Effects of integrating comprehensive reading instruction with sign language. Education and Training in Autism and Developmental Disabilities. (Larissa Beecher's Ed.S. thesis research has been accepted for publication in the December 2012 issue of the journal published by the Council for Exceptional Children Division on Autism and Developmental Disabilities.) 

Barr, R., McLain, L, & McLendon, K. (2012). Coins, quantity, and concrete representations. E-Reflections: Publication of the Georgia Council of Teachers of Mathematics, 1(2), 8-9. Katie McLendon completed the special education EdS degree in 2011. This publication came as the result of a GCTM grant which she wrote through one of our program courses.

Beecher, L. (2012, January). Improving reading skills for students with intellectual disabilities: Effects of integrating comprehensive reading instruction with sign language. Presentation at the 13th International Conference of the Council for Exceptional Children’s Division on Autism and Developmental Disabilities. Miami, Florida. This presentation is related to her Ed.S. thesis in special ed; (she completed the program in spring 2011).

Sara Pierce (ECMG 2011) had an article published in the Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges' electronic research journal Metamorphosis.  The article was named, The Role of Gender and Learning Modality in Mathematical Problem Solving.

Marilyn Windham (who also won our EDFS Graduate student award in 2004), has just published a book called Peach County, The World's Peach Paradise. She is a history teacher at Peach County High School.

Chambers, C. R., Hughes, C., & Carter, E. (2004). Parent and sibling perspectives on the transition to adulthood. Education and Training in Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities, 39(2), 79-94.  Cynthia Chambers is a 2001 alumna from the Special Education Cohort.

Childre, A., Sands, J.R., & Pope, S.T. (2009). Backward design: Targeting depth of understanding for all learners. Teaching Exceptional Children, 41(5), 6-14.

Chambers, C. R., & Horn, E. M. (2010). Strategies for family facilitation of play dates. Young Exceptional Children, 13(3), 2-14.

Horn, E. M., Chambers, C. R., & Saito, Y. (2008). Techniques for infants, toddlers,preschoolers, and primary-aged children with severe and multiple disabilities. In S. Raver-Lampman (Ed.), An introduction to early childhood special education: Strategies and practices.

Chambers, C. R. (2007). Siblings of individuals who enter careers in the disability field. Teacher Education and Special Education, 30(3), 115-127.

Chambers, C. R., Wehmeyer, M., Saito, Y., Lida, K. M., Lee, Y., & Singh, V. (2007). Self-determination: Analysis, perceptions, and interventions. Exceptionality, 15(1), 3-15.

Chambers, C. R. (2006). High probability request strategies: Practical guidelines. Young Exceptional Children, 9(2), 20-28.

Childre, A. L., & Chambers, C. R. (2005). Family perceptions of student centered planning and IEP meetings. Education and Training in Developmental Disabilities, 40, 217-233.

Chambers, C. R., & Childre, A. L. (2005). Fostering family-professional collaboration through person-centered IEP meetings: The True Directions model. Young Exceptional Children, 8(3), 20-29.

Alumni Presentations

Barr, R, & McLendon, K. (2012, March). CRA: A research-based approach for math instruction. 2012 Georgia Council for Exceptional Children's Conference. Macon, Georgia. (Katie McLendon is the lead teacher special education teacher in Henry County Schools. She completed her Ed.S. and B.S. in Special Education at GCSU.)

Barr, R., McLendon, K., & C. Peterman. (2012, February). Meeting the needs of the special learner at the college level. 2012 Teaching Matters Conference. Gordon College, Georgia. 

Scharff, L., & Childre, A. (2011, December). Changing      challenging behavior: Teacher implementation of functional behavior assessment. Presentation at the 2011 TASH Conference. Atlanta, GA.

Scharff, L., & Childre, A. (2011, December). Improving behavior through functional behavior assessment and function-based interventions. Presentation at the 2011 TASH Conference. Atlanta, GA.

Cody Oxley made a presentation at the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) at the 2007 Annual Convention.  His topic was "Weaving Art, Music, and Literature to Deepen Student Understanding.  Mr. Oxley was an MAT student in 2006-07 and currently teaches English at East Laurens High School in Dublin, Georgia.

Chambers, C. R. (2010, November). What we know about siblings across the lifespan. Keynote presentation at the 10th Annual Ohio Siblings Conference, Columbus, Ohio.

Kaiser, A., & Chambers, C. (2010, August). What research tells us: The challenges and benefits for siblings across the life span. Presentation at the International Sibling Conference, Greenwich, Connecticut.

Chambers, C. R., Wedel, E., McCloud, A., & Collier, S. (2010, April). Students impacting the community through service-based programs. Presentation at the Council for Exceptional Children International Convention, Nashville, Tennessee

Childre, A. & Chambers, C.R.  (2009, October). True Directions: Preparing for transitions through student centered IEP/ITP planning. 15th International Council for Exceptional Children’s Division on Career Development and Transition Conference 2009. Savannah, Georgia.

Chambers, C. R. (2007, October). Parent-implemented intervention for play dates of children who are socially withdrawn. Presentation at the 23rd Annual International Conference on Young Children with Special Needs and Their Families for the Division of Early Childhood, Niagara Falls, Ontario.

Chambers, C. R. (2007, April). Parent-implemented naturalistic intervention for play dates of children who are socially withdrawn. Presentation at the Council for Exceptional Children Convention, Teacher Education Division Kaleidoscope, Louisville, Kentucky.

Chambers, C. R., Hughes, C., & Carter, E. W. (2005, November). The path ahead: Parent and sibling perspectives of the transition process. Presentation at the TASH Conference, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Alumni Grants

Georgia Power New Teacher Assistance Grants
Georgia Power annually selects nominees to receive $1,000 for their New Teacher Assistance Grant. Awardees are given money to set up their new classrooms in any way they wish.  Annually a luncheon is held; each recipient, immediate family members, principals, superintendents and the person nominating the student are invited.

Jalanda Goff--2004
Kelli Anne Jackson--2005
Amanda Allen--2005
Julia Schipani Tanner--2006
Gregory Andrew Madden
Ashley Lamar--2008
Lyndsay Riley-2009
Susan Wells--2010
Nicole DelBosque--2010
Katie Hanna Fox-2011
Joshua Hixson-2011
Katie O’Shea--2012
Steven Hardy--2012

(The students below were all funded while enrolled in the special education Ed.S. program.)

Brown, Shone (2012). Check and Connect: Supporting at risk students through school-wide positive behavioral supports.  ($1500). Wal-Mart. (Peach County High School).

Cobb, Paula (2011). Increasing problem solving achievement through the use of manipulatives in conjunction with math exemplar tasks with students with and without disabilities. ($300). Georgia Council of Teachers of Mathematics Mini-Grant. (Monroe County Schools/T.G. Scott Elementary School).

Morris, Leeann (2011). Real world exponential functions. ($1000). Snapping Shoals Electric Membership Corporation. (Newton County High School). 



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