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Deana Burgess Award

The Deana Burgess Award: Outstanding Partner in Teacher Education    

The following remarks were made by Dean Janet Fields at the The John H. Lounsbury College of Education 2003 Awards Ceremony.  The Partnership in Education Award was named in Deana Burgess's memory at that ceremony.  

Deana Wells Burgess was an alumna of GC receiving her bachelor, masters, and specialist degrees from GC. Deana also received her gifted certification from GC. Deana worked for Baldwin County and John Milledge Academy before coming to GC as the field-based teacher liaison in August of 2000. Deana lost her life tragically in an automobile accident one year ago today.

Deana quickly won her way into the hearts of everyone who came in contact with her. Her vivacious personality won her the nickname "Dynamo Deana". Deana was the recipient of the outstanding partner in teacher education award in May of 2001. In her letter of application to GC Deana described herself as "highly organized, efficient, concerned and enthusiastic with things going on in the field of education"

She continued by stating that "After many years of teaching, the flame was dwindling. The professors at GC that I had during my specialist work rekindled that flame." I think all of those who worked with Deana during the two years she served as field-based teacher liaison would say that she brought that flame with her back to GC and to our partner schools and caught us all on fire!

Deana taught us all the value of life, that we should savor every second, that, now I'm really telling my age, as the commercial used to say, "It is good to the last drop!" and so she would encourage each one of us to make the most of each moment.

I would like to share these words from John Burroughs in honor of Deana:

    I would rather be ashes than dust. 
    I would rather my spark should burn out in a brilliant blaze, than it should be stifled in dry rot. 
    I would rather be a superb meteor, every atom of me in magnificent glow, than a sleepy permanent planet. 
    Man's chief purpose is to live, not to exist. I shall not waste my days trying to prolong them. 
    I shall use my time!
John Burroughs

And so, we would like to recognize two distinguished partners in education who, like Deana, realize the importance of time and have given of themselves in the furtherance of education.

The Deana Burgess Outstanding Partner in Teacher Education Award  is given to persons who have worked effectively with the Education Preparation Unit as partners in the professional preparation programs. Multiple awards can be given (one for each program) to persons who have worked with the unit as partners These people could be teachers, principals, or other school professionals. They are nominated by the mentor leaders at each site and recommended to the dean. This is not necessarily an annual award; rather it is given when the right persons are identified.  

 1998 Jim Kauffman; Tom Madison; Norma Akins

Jim Prance; Jeannie Hodge; Bill Rowe

 2000 Marion Payne; Sharon Patterson; Lois Stroman
 2001 Deana Burgess
 2002 Kathryn Blanks; Cecil Patterson


Wells Primary Faculty & Staff--Janne Childs, Principal 
Susan Eilers, Principal; Faculty & Staff--Clifton Ridge

Child and Family Development Center--Baldwin County 
Mrs. Revel Pogue--GC Liaison
Joy Williamson--Putnam Middle School
Jeannette Gilles--Hancock County
Gena Ray--Oak Hill Middle School
Dr. Mike Hall--GA Deputy State Superintendent
 2005 Deborah McClendon--Oak Hill Middle School
 2006 Awanna Leslie--Hancock County 
 2007 Mr. Raymond Braziel, Principal; Faculty and Staff----Blandy Hills Elementary School
 2008 James Allen--Douglas County
Jim LeBrun--Jones County

Ms. Tanya Melville, Education Director--Montessori of Macon
Mr. Kevin Sterling, Principal--Mattie Wells Elementary School
Baldwin County GNETS
Ms. Camille Daniel-Tyson, Principal--Georgia College Early College

Mr. Willie Gibson, Principal--Hancock Central Middle School
Ms. Janne Childs, Principal--Wells Primary School


Dr. Jim Willis--Superintendent (Ret), Putnam County
Mr. Jay Homan, Principal--Henderson Middle School, Butts County
Dr. Susan Usry, Principal--Putnam County Primary School


Mr. Raymond Braziel--Principal; Putnam Co. Elementary
Ms.Trudy Rowland-- Assistant Principal; Putnam Co. Elementary
Dr. Tanzy Kilcrease-- Assoc. Superintendent for Bibb Co. Schools

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