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Powell/Whipple Award


Harriett Whipple  Powell image

 Dr. Harriett Whipple                                            Dr. Kathryn Powell

The Powell/Whipple Award is given to a member(s) of the university community who has worked effectively with the College of Education in collaborative endeavors above and beyond what might be expected, and to the College of Education faculty member(s) with whom the collaboration took place.  This is not necessarily an annual award; rather, it is given as appropriate when the right person is identified.  Candidates for the award are nominated by the School of Education faculty to the awards committee, which chooses the recipient.

-Harriet Whipple 
    Professor of Biology
-Kathryn Powell 
    Associate Dean of Education 

-Deborah Vess 
    Professor of History & Geography
-Dee Russell 
    Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education

-Bernie Patterson 
    Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences
-Leslie Crawford 
    Dean of the John H. Lounsbury School of Education

-Patti Tolbert
Associate Professor of Music & Theater
-The John H. Lounsbury School of Education 

-Kathleen Martin 
    Instructor of Government & Sociology
-Trish Klein 
    Assistant Professor of Middle Grades Education

-Autumn Grubb 
    Associate Professor of Teaching and Learning
-Charlie Martin 
    Chair of Early Childhood & Middle Grades Education

-Dan Bauer 
    Assistant Professor of English
-The Middle Grades Education Program

 None awarded  

-Mike Riley
    Assistant Professor of English
-Lyndall Warren and Stacy Schwartz
    Assistant Professors, Early Childhood Education

-Dan Bauer
     Assistant Professor of English
-Linda Golson
    Assistant Professor, Early Childhood and Middle Grades Education
-Ann Jones and Miranda Wilson
    Teacher Co-Directors

-Jason Huffman
     Associate Professor of Mathematics and Interim Assistant Dean
-Charlie Martin
     Center for Evaluation and Assessment

-Mike Gleason
    Associate Professor of Biology
-Karynne Kleine
    Professor of Middle Grades Education

-Angel Abney and Janet Shiver
     Mathematics Department Faculty Members
-Early childhood and Middle Grades Department

-Rosalie Richards
     Kaolin Endowed Chair in Science/Professor of Chemistry;
     Director Science Education
-Victoria Deneroff
     Assistant Professor Middle Grades Education

-Holley Roberts
     Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Education
-Lyndall Muschell
     Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education
-Brian Mumma
     Associate Professor of Foundations and Secondary Education
-Chris Greer
     Assistant Professor of Educational Technology
-Craig Smith
Chairperson of Special Education and Educational Leadership/Professor
-Dwight Call
Assistant Vice President for International Education



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