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E-Mail Notification System



A.     Responsibilities


It shall be the responsibility of the Associate Director of Emergency Preparedness to ensure all testing, operations, training, and public outreach are conducted as prescribed in this annex.


B.      Testing


The E-Mail system shall be tested each semester. This test shall pre-announce the Outdoor Warning Sirens and GC ALERT to ensure the university community understands the importance of the test.


C.      Operations


The Associate Director of Emergency Preparedness and Occupational Safety is responsible for ensuring timely messages are submitted via emergency_notice E-Mail notifications system. It is the responsibility of the dispatch officer to notify the Associate Director of Emergency Preparedness and Occupational Safety should there be an event on and around campus that may pose a threat to personal safety. The Campus Safety System Technician is the primary back up and the Director of Public Safety is the secondary backup for this system.


The E-Mail notification system is to be activated under these circumstances:


  • Bomb Threat – Campus Area Evacuated
  • Contaminated Water
  • Fire
  • Flood Warning (Baldwin and Bibb Counties)
  • Gas Leak
  • Georgia College Closed due to Hurricane
  • Georgia College Closed – Evacuation Instructions
  • Hazardous Materials Spill
  • Health Emergency
  • Hurricane has passed - Campus closed – damage assessment underway
  • Hurricane has passed - Campus closed - extensive damage
  • Hurricane has passed – Campus closed – minimal damage
  • Hurricane Passed – Campus Re-opening
  • Hurricane Warning – Mandatory Evacuation/Campus Closing
  • Hurricane Warning – Voluntary Evacuation – campus open - classes canceled
  • Hurricane Warning (25 hours prior to storm arrival) – Campus Closed
  • Hurricane Watch – Mandatory evacuation/Campus Closing
  • Shooting / Weapon on Campus
  • Severe Thunderstorm Warning (Baldwin and Bibb Counties)
  • Structural Failure
  • Tornado Watch and Warning (Baldwin and Bibb Counties)
  • Winter Weather Occurrence (Class Schedule Delay)


*Any other emergency unforeseen but possess a significant threat to human life and the continual operations of Georgia College




D.     Training


Those responsible for disseminating information via E-Mail will conduct an annual training session on proficiency. Records will be kept of this training within the log book of the Emergency Notification System which is kept in the office of the Associate Director of Emergency Preparedness and Occupational Safety



E.      Public Outreach


Information on the emergency_notice E-Mail notification system may be found within the Emergency Action Plan, Clery Act Report, and at www.gcsu.edu/emergency . Each semester, an email will be submitted to the University community along with a semester test.


The email address will be emergency_notice@list.gcsu.edu

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