Service Learning

Service Learning students 2014-2015

The Office of Academic Engagement offers guidance and support for faculty who wish to incorporate service learning opportunities in the classroom. Service learning opportunities are defined as service experiences linked to a specific class and designed to reinforce classroom knowledge. A detailed reflective journal for each experience outside the classroom confirms the connection of classroom knowledge to real world applications. 

This educational approach enhances the total learning experience, as students are encouraged to consider their service within the context of the larger social, political, and economic issues that impact their project. As such, they are empowered to make positive contributions to their communities utilizing concepts and principles learned in class.

Students' academic experience through service learning opportunities gives them the knowledge, awareness, and impetus to become engaged with their communities. 

Benefits for Faculty and Students

  • Promotes the development of innovative approaches to instruction. 
  • Provides opportunities to collaborate with and meet special needs of community agencies. 
  • Sharpens critical thinking skills, improves mastery of academic material, and demonstrates the relationship between theory and practice. 
  • Strengthens sense of civic responsibility. 
  • Supports exploration of career options. 

If you are a member of the GC faculty, and need service learning submission forms, or are interested in including a service learning component in your class or classes, please contact Sara Faircloth, Service Learning Coordinator.

Follow this link to view our Service Learning Resources.