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18th Annual GC Student Research Conference
Friday, April 10, 2015

GC Health Sciences Building

Submission Deadline
Friday, March 6, 2015

The GC Student Research Conference provides undergraduate and graduate Georgia College students from all disciplines the opportunity to present their scholarly work to the campus community.

Student Research
in this context is interpreted as any scholarly or creative activity ranging from scientific experimentation, to service-learning, to literary criticism, to case-study design, to artistic expression and so on. As such, students from all disciplines are invited to submit their work to be showcased at the GC Student Research Conference.

Students interested in presenting should consult with their professor or research mentor and submit their work according to the conference guidelines using the Online Submission Form.

Faculty are asked to identify students who have a scholarly and/or creative contribution to make to the conference and encourage them to submit a presentation. Faculty are also asked to share this opportunity with their courses and encourage their students to attend some of the sessions.


  1. The GC Student Research Conference is open to undergraduate and graduate students attending Georgia College during Fall 2014 and/or Spring 2015.
  2. All work must be student-created and presented. Only students are to be listed as presenters.
  3. Students must identify a faculty mentor for each submission.  Faculty mentors must approve a submission for it to be included in the conference.
  4. Students may submit (or be listed as presenters in) up to two presentations of any format - either as an individual or a member of a group.
  5. Faculty may be listed as the faculty mentor for an unlimited number of submissions.


COPLAC Southeast Regional
Undergraduate Research Conference
April 17-18, 2015
University of North Carolina at Asheville

Approximately ten undergraduate Georgia College students will be selected to represent the institution at the 2015 COPLAC Southeast Regional Undergraduate Research Conference, held April 17-18, 2015, at the University of North Carolina at Asheville. Any undergraduate GC student submitting a presentation to the GC Student Research Conference may indicate an interest in being considered for one of these spots. 

COPLAC conference participants will be selected based upon the following criteria:

  • Overall quality of the proposal
  • Significance and originality of the research or creative activity
  • Degree to which the student’s research is in a stage of completion
  • Endorsement by the student’s faculty mentor

Priority consideration will be given to first-time presenters. The selection committee also seeks to identify a group of student representatives of Georgia College whose research projects demonstrate a diversity of topics and methodologies.

Presentation Formats

This year’s conference includes paper and poster presentation formats.  Additional information will be posted when the call for presentations goes out.

  • Paper Presentation | A paper presentation allows students the opportunity to present their scholarly work to those attending the session to which their presentation is assigned. Audiovisual resources will be available in each of the presentation rooms.

  • Poster Presentation | A poster is a static, visual medium (usually of the paper or board variety) that students use to communicate their research. The difference between poster and paper presentations is that students should let their poster do most of the "talking." The material presented on the poster should convey the essence of their message. However, students should also be present during the designated time to answer questions and provide further details.

Additional Information

For more information about the conference, please contact Dr. Amy Pinney at, Dr. Elissa Auerbach at, or John Bowen at

Institutional Review Board (IRB)
Georgia College faculty, students and researchers are required to follow all guidelines specified by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) policy on Protection of Human Subjects (Title 45 CFR, Part 46, revised June 18, 1991) and the Belmont Report: Ethical Principles and Guidelines for the Protection of Human Subjects of Research April 18, 1979) in all research activities requiring human subjects. This includes all projects regardless of whether the funding is internal or external. All research projects involving human subjects will be reviewed and monitored by the Institutional Review Board (IRB) in accordance with the above mentioned policies. Strict adherence to all regulations is required by law.

Link to IRB Information

Additional Information
For more information about IRB, please contact Dr. Tsu-Ming Chiang at

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