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Master of Arts in English

Available at the Milledgeville Campus.


Q: Who should I contact for more information about the Master of Arts in English Program at Georgia College?

A:    Dr. Jennifer Flaherty    
       MA Program Coordinator
       Department of English and Rhetoric
       Georgia College & State University
       Campus Box 44 
       Milledgeville, GA 31061           
       478-445-3180 or 478-445-4581

Q: What time are classes usually offered?

A: The majority of our courses are offered before 5pm, but during the fall and spring semesters there are also a few evening courses available.

Q: Are the required 6000 level graduate seminars offered during the summer?

A: We do not offer any of the required seminars during the summer.

Q: Is there a particular order that I should take the seminars in?

A: The program is designed so that English 6601, Methods of Research, should be the first seminar students take. If this is not possible, students should take this course as soon as they can.

See the complete list of programs.

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