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Master of Arts in English

Available at the Milledgeville Campus.

MA Non-Thesis Option

Students who choose the non-thesis option submit a writing portfolio after they have passed the comprehensive exam.

Portfolio Requirements

  • The writing portfolio must be at least 35 pages. 
  • It must include a brief reflective essay as its introduction, followed by revisions of three research papers written during the student's course of study at Georgia College.
  • The portfolio must include the original and revised versions of the papers.

The papers included in the portfolio should illustrate the student's finest scholarly work and must demonstrate an appropriate level of disciplinary competence and scholarly expertise.

The introduction should describe the papers selected and reflect on the development of the student as a scholarly writer and professional.  

Because the rhetorical situation of the portfolio is different from a term paper, and revise three papers' claims that engage an audience of scholars in diverse literary fields with no knowledge of the original courses' context and content.

This portfolio, submitted to the Coordinator of the MA in English for a critical reading at least four weeks before the end of the semester in which the student completes all requirements for the degree, will be awarded a pass with distinction, pass, or fail by a committee consisting of members of the English Graduate Faculty. Students whose portfolio is not awarded a passing grade may revise and resubmit the portfolio during the following fall or spring semester.

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