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Master of Arts in English

Available at the Milledgeville Campus.

MA Thesis Option

Students who choose the thesis option should seek out a member of the English Graduate Faculty as a thesis advisor after they have completed 18 semester hours.

Thesis Committee

The thesis committee consists of the thesis advisor and two other faculty members. One of these two committee members must be from the English Graduate Faculty; the other may be from the Graduate Faculty in another department.

Writing and Defending the Thesis:

  • The student should develop a two-page thesis proposal under the direction of the thesis committee.    
  • The thesis must demonstrate scholarly research on a literary topic of considerable depth, should normally have between 50 and 100 pages of text, and should also include a comprehensive list of works cited.                       
  • The thesis should be prepared in the documentation style recommended by the Modern Language Association and should meet the criteria for theses as established by the University.
  • Copies of the completed thesis in unbound form should be submitted to the thesis committee for a critical reading at least four weeks before the end of the semester in which the student completes all requirements for the degree.
  • The oral defense of the thesis should be held at least two weeks before the end of the relevant semester. The defense will normally take at least one hour and will demonstrate the student's knowledge of the thesis topic and the implications of the thesis for the general study of literature.

For additional information on requirements and deadlines, please see the graduate catalog or contact the Graduate Coordinator.

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