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Flannery O'Connor Review

Subscription Information

There are three ways to order the Flannery O'Connor Review (ISSN# 0091-4924).

1) Physical mail: using the 2015 Mailer and Order Form (pdf).
2) Email: send a request with your name, address, and the desired issues to oconnor@gcsu.edu.
3) Web: order online at the Flannery O'Connor Studies Store.


Submission Information

We are looking for articles for a Special Feature! Please submit short articles (approximately 3000 words) on "Teaching O'Connor" by August 15, 2015 to be considered.  Please follow our submission guidelines (doc).


Inside Volume 12 (August 2014)

Alice Walker
Convergence, a short story response to O'Connor,
with an introduction by Nagueyalti Warren

Carol Loeb Shloss
S/kin: Writing across Relatives

David Palmieri
The Philosopher and the Storyteller: Eric Voegelin and Flannery O'Connor

Lorna Wiedmann
Flannery O’Connor's Six Protestant Conversion Tales

Virginia Grant
Miscegenation and Communism in Flannery O'Connor's "The Displaced Person"

Monica Miller
"No Man with a Good Car Needs to Be Justified": Preaching Rock and Roll Salvation from O'Connor's Wise Blood to Ministry's "Jesus Built My Hotrod"

Jason Stevens
John Huston's Adaptation of Wise Blood and Hollywood's
"Response to the New South"


Jenny Bangsund - Jean W. Cash - Gary M. Ciuba - Jordan Cofer - Marshall Bruce Gentry - Thomas Haddox - J. Ramsey Michaels - Rita Mae Reese - Patrick Samway, S.J.

Inside Volume 11 (2013)

Gary M. Ciuba
"To the Hard of Hearing You Shout": Flannery O'Connor and the Imagination of Deafness

Jon Lance Bacon
"Jesus Hits like the Atom Bomb": Flannery O'Connor and the End-Time Scenario

Chris Lawson, Joe DeCamillis and Shannon Morris
Creating Taulkinham: An Interview

Valerie Sayers and Bryan A. Giemza
Powers and Prophecy: An Interview with Valerie Sayers

Michael Schroeder
Desegregation and the Silent Character in O'Connor's "Everything That Rises Must Converge"

Robert Cook
"You Are a Very Ignorant Boy": Romano Guardini's Theology of Dogma in "The Enduring Chill"

Benjamin Saxton
From the Incarnational to the Grotesque in "Revelation," "Parker's Back" and Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment 

Josephine Keese King


Jean W. Cash - Ronald Emerick - J. Ramsey Michaels - Sarah Gordon - Craig R. Amason - Marshall Bruce Gentry 


Inside Previous Volumes

The Flannery O'Connor Bulletin, Volumes I-XXVII (1972-2000) (docx)
The Flannery O'Connor Review
, Volumes 1-10 (2001-2012)


Awards and Fellowships 

Senior Fellowship
Susan Srigley, Nipissing University, Canada, 2011

Junior Fellowship

Senior Fellowship Application (pdf) 
Junior Fellowship Application (pdf)

Sarah Gordon Award
Virginia Grant, 2013


Links of Interest

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Flannery O'Connor Collection

Startling Figures: A Celebration of the Legacy of Flannery O'Connor (2011 Conference)
Flannery O'Connor and Other Southern Women Writers (2015 Conference)


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