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Pride Alliance

Pride Alliance was formed to provide an open, diverse, and supportive environment for gay/lesbian/bi-sexual/transgender/straight people on our campus who want to promote tolerance, understanding, and equality at Georgia College.

Pride Alliance is a student-led organization that appreciates the voices of all of its members. Suggestions, comments, and questions are encouraged by its leaders.

At Pride Alliance, it is our mission to serve the LGBTQ community at Georgia College and the local community. Pride Alliance has three basic goals to:

  • Build community
  • Educate our campus about LGBTQ life
  • Promote positive advocacy and activism

Pride offers a variety of services to our community. Our on-campus group holds weekly meetings every Tuesday night at 7 p.m. (location may vary, feel free to ask). These meeting are open to all students, faculty, staff, and community members who wish to attend. Meetings are composed of many different events:

  • serious discussions
  • documentary viewings
  • guest speakers
  • movie nights
  • water balloon fights
  • pizza parties

Topics discussed in Pride include, but are not limited to: homophobia and trans*phobia, bullying, protests, marriage equality, gender expression and identity, sexual health, queer people of color, art, history, HIV/AIDS, coming out, importance of community, self-defense, and sexuality.

Pride hosts larger events outside of the weekly meetings. In the past we have attended summits, marched at Atlanta Pride, run our annual charity drag show, sponsored guest speakers or entertainers, held social events off campus, and sponsored various activities around campus to promote our goals.

Pride in Action

The Open Closet is Pride Alliance's office and resource center on campus and is currently located in the Cultural Center in the Smith House (between Parkhurst and Wells).

Pride also puts heavy emphasis on respecting the privacy and boundaries of its members. Our group has a strict "no outing" policy which means that anything that is said or done during a meeting or an event stays in Pride unless it is specifically made clear that you are comfortable with sharing information.

We never ask your sexual orientation, gender identity, sex, or gender expression. This information is given voluntarily by members when they are comfortable with sharing it. We also respect the use of neutral pronouns such as "Xe/Sie/Ce/Ey/They" and recognize all identities as valid.

For more information, please contact:
Twitter: @gcPRIDEpals
Phone: (478) 227-0744

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