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Evaluation Resources

Links to Program Evaluation Websites
National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion
University of Wisconsin- Program Development and Evaluation

American Evaluation Association
WK Kellogg Foundation Evaluation Toolkit
Harvard Family Research Project The Evaluation Exchange
National Science Foundation Online Evaluation Resource Library
Practical Assessment, Research, and Evaluation (e-journal)
The Evaluation Center Western Michigan University Evaluation Cafe
Basic Guide to Outcomes-based Evaluation for Nonprofit Organizations with Very Limited Resources
Evaluation Capacity Development Group Evaluation Guidebook for the Arts (pdf)
Logic Models
WK Kellogg Foundation Logic Model Development Guide
Harvard Family Research Project Learning from Logic Models
University of Wisconsin- Program Development and Evaluation Logic Model

Office of Justice Programs Developing and Working with Program Logic Models
Retrospective Pre/Post Methods
Journal of Extension Using a Retrospective Pre-Post Questionnaire to Determine Program Impact

Journal of Extension Post-Then-Pre Evaluation
Iowa State University Extension Community-Based Evaluation

Lamb, T. (2005). The Retrospective Pretest: An Imperfect but Useful Tool. Evaluation Exchange.
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