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In addition to evaluation of STEM projects, the Center also works with programs that address broader educator preparation. These include projects funded by the US Department of Education and the Georgia Department of Education that are designed to improve initial teacher certification programs, K-16 partnerships, and inservice teacher professional development.

Current Projects

Kennesaw State University/Cobb County School System Teacher Quality Partnership

This five year program funded by the US Department of Education is a partnership between KSU and Cobb County Schools to develop an innovative educator preparation program grounded in principles of urban education.  The goal of the program is to produce better prepared teachers and develop a K-16 partnership that result in improved K-12 student performance.  The program creates a seven-school Vertically Articulated Professional Development School model (5 elementary, 1 middle, and 1 high school) that focuses on inservice and preservice teacher development, community outreach, and collaborative examination of K-12 student learning.  The program also features year-long placements for KSU interns, co-teaching (KSU interns and K-12 teachers), coaching, and extensive professional development in the PDS schools.

KSU/CCSD Teacher Quality Partnership Program

Teacher Quality Program

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The Teacher Quality Program funds projects that promote professional development of teachers in language arts, mathematics, reading, science and/or social studies. The program emphasizes the deepening of teacher content knowledge and how that deeper understanding of their disciplines affects classroom practices and student learning.  Projects can also focus on technology, alternative assessment strategies, or innovative teaching strategies. The program is a partnership among the Georgia Department of Education, The University System of Georgia, The University of Georgia, and the US Department of Education.

  Current Teacher Quality Projects include:
  • Georgia Southern University- Richmond County Public Schools
  • University of West Georgia- School Districts of Calhoun, Haralson, and Baker counties 
Completed Projects

Preparing Highly Qualified Special Education Teachers for Content and Research-Based Practices through a Field-Based Cohort Program (PREPARE) was a five-year grant funded by the US Department of Education that provided resources to enhance content preparation and practice in mathematics and reading.  The program addressed both undergraduate and graduate special education initial preparation programs and included establishing learning communities to support program graduates during their first years of teaching. 
NCATE Process Evaluation
This evaluation was designed to improve NCATE processes at Georgia College by examining work of committees, availability of resources for committee tasks, and leadership for committee work.  Evaluators led meetings with faculty members and administrators to reflect on study results and plan for next steps.

Teacher Quality Program

  • Fort Valley State University- Crawford County Schools
  • Georgia Southern University- Glynn County Public Schools

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