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Landscaping & Grounds


Landscape services are provided to all areas of the GCSU campus with the exception of some portions of the Athletic Facilities. Scheduled frequency of service is prioritized by usage and visibility of areas. Landscape services include grading, planting, transplanting, mulching, fertilizing, mowing, pruning and all street and parking lot cleaning and trash removal. Pesticide spraying is also performed campus-wide. There are several avenues of services provided as follows:

Landscape Maintenance services are performed as needed in accordance with landscape requirements: fertilizing, watering, pruning, weed and pest control of turn, trees, shrubs and flowers. Irrigation repairs, seeding, sodding and upkeep as funded to ensure we upkeep the aesthetics and life span of the campus green space. Landscape replacement as needed or funded. Recycling all natural materials and reutilizing the materials back into the landscape. Focus is on keeping campus as sustainable as possible.

Grounds Maintenance - The following services are performed as needed for the cleanliness and neatness of campus: mowing turf, blowing debris on sidewalks, leaf limbs and assorted debris removal, trimming shrubs/trees out of sidewalks, litter control, sidewalk trash receptacle debris, maintenance of benches, tables, bicycle racks, post & chain repairs, removal of graffiti removal of improper posting, cleaning of storm drains and repairs or corrections to any noted soil erosion. Repairs of vandalism and graffiti.

Landscape Architecture Design services are provided primarily on a recharge basis and may be designed internally or contracted out.

Landscape Construction services are primarily recharge activities and are performed as funded, requested or as needed: renovation planting, replacing of trees and shrubs, sodding, seeding and renovation of turf as required due to construction changes, sidewalk changes or from staging areas of construction.

To initiate a Landscape Construction Project, the department should email a Project Request Form to workorders@gcsu.edu.

Outdoor Events Services
- currently at no charge grounds department will supply extra trash cans, temporary post & rope and services to have sites prepared before hand and cleaned up after events. This service is in conjunction with Facilities Reservation Services at R25 Webviewer. Any special needs must be coordinated through grounds department by submitting a request through work orders or upon contacting the Grounds Assistant Director to see if your needs are feasible.

Interior Greenery Plants - plant material may be placed by the campus grounds department in limited focal points on campus such as MSU lobby, library lobby, Chappell Hall entrance and building with the areas of high light exposure that will support plant green life. Occasionally ferns are installed on specific porches during the warm season that serve a dual purpose holding them for event greeneries and to add aesthetics to the entrances. This is done on a case by case situation and the funding allowed. When installed, the plants will get some grounds services augmented by the building support services for maintenance. If the plant dies it will be removed with no guarantee of replacement.

Outdoor Floral Program - Aesthetic and colorful annual/perennial flower beds exist sporadically across campus and are replaced twice per year during the cool season and warm season for that extra color.

Special Requests for Grounds Department - There are some avenues for special requests for greeneries at podiums, flowers for banquets and these are handled on a case by case basis usually at a recharge basis depending on the request of need.

Snow Removal - Campus Facilities personnel are responsible for the removal of snow and ice from campus walks, driveways, handicapped ramps and steps to office and classroom buildings.

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