Donor Profiles

 Determination yields success

The path to a higher education was often demanding for Jessica Jenkins Fay, ’05, who sees math as a foreign language making it impossible for her to fully grasp. Yet, despite having a diagnosis of a math learning disability, she earned her spot on the dean’s and president’s lists at Georgia College. Read more 

Fostering success through math

Cynthia Sikes, ’71, is a nurturing mentor. Whether it’s sitting around her kitchen table helping a perplexed student figure out a math problem or quelling the fears of those students who have math anxiety, her passion is helping students succeed. Read more

 A love of tuba sparks music scholarship

Katie Boss always had a resounding passion for the tuba. She aspires to be a professional musician someday. The Georgia College sophomore and her twin sister Libby discovered their love of playing musical instruments when they lived in Singapore. Read more

Community leader embraces challenges

Nan Dowlen Lee, ’64, has an impressive resumé. She’s served as a school board chair and president/CEO for two chambers of commerce—plus executive director of the Georgia Rural Health Association, economic development director and a member in some capacity of 10 additional community organizations. Even with all her involvement, Lee still aspires to achieve more. Read more