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What type of internship will I be placed in?
The Georgia College in Washington program (GC in DC) offers two internship tracks.  The Legislative Internship track places the student in a legislative office in Washington D.C..  The second track is the WISH Internship.  Georgia College partners with Washington Intern Student Housing (WISH).  WISH partners with government agencies,  advocacy groups, think tanks, multinational corporations, embassies, trade associations, the court system, and the media, providing opportunities in American government and politics, business and consulting, international relations and conflict resolution, and media and communications.

Internship opportunities are available for students majoring in the humanities, mass communication, business, social sciences, natural and environmental and related sciences

We want to make sure you are placed in a premier internship in your area of interest.  Some sample internships are as follows:

SiriusXM Radio  Foreign Policy Initiative
U.S. House of Representatives Offices and Committees  The White House
U.S. Senate Office and Committees  Center for International Private Enterprise
Federal Communications Commission  Democratic National Committee
NBC4 Washington, DC  Republican National Committee
CNN  Senate and House Judiciary Committees
C-SPAN  Department of Justice
Financial Services Roundtable  US Marshal Service
Department of Commerce  United States Capitol Police
Center for American Progress  Interpol
US Chamber of Commerce  International Center for Terrorism Studies
National Council on US-Arab Relations Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation
World Affairs Council of America  Council on Foreign Relations


Are Internships Paid?
Only a few internships are paid. Most Washington, D.C. internships are non-paid and allow the student to gain valuable work experience and insight into how the three branches of government work and how nongovernmental organizations, trade associations and business intersect in the nation's capital. Depending on the organization, some may offer Metro travel stipends.

What does Georgia College in Washington offer outside of the Internship?
Your internship fee covers oversight during the semester to provide valuable insight and advice to enhance the intern’s experience.  Along with seminars, site visits, portfolio presentations and residential life services including; monthly socials, a lecture series, networking opportunities and a career night.

Your fee also covers housing in a quad-occupancy shared bedroom.  This also includes a refundable security deposit of $200. Housing is provided through Washington Intern Student Housing (WISH) in the prestigious Capitol Hill neighborhood in Washington, D.C.

Housing is fully furnished (with the exception of bedding, pillows and towels), includes all utilities, cable TV, wireless Internet connection, monthly social events and networking opportunities. The housing package price is for quad-occupancy shared bedrooms. If you’d like to upgrade to a different room-occupancy please contact WISH Housing directly for rates.

How much does it cost to participate in the Georgia College in Washington program? 
The WISH Internship program costs consist of three components:

  • The Internship Program Fee (Paid to WISH): $3,000
  • The Housing Fee: $4,180 (includes a $200 refundable security deposit and provides triple- or quad-occupancy shared bedroom)
  • Georgia College Tuition Fees:  Varies based on credit hours

The Legislative Internship program costs consist of two components:

  • The Housing Fee: $4,180 (includes a $200 refundable security deposit and provides triple- or quad-occupancy shared bedroom)
  • Georgia College Tuition Fees:  Varies based on credit hours

How do I apply for a Georgia College in Washington internship?
It’s simple, go to the Apply page and complete the online application.  An administrator will confirm receipt of your application and you will be notified within two business days of the status of your application.  In the meantime, it is important to have you resume and transcripts ready as such documents will be required (along with the deposit) to start the matching process.

What is the Eligibility?
To qualify for our program you are required to have a minimum GPA of 3.2.

Do you take Graduate students?
Yes! In fact, some internships request graduate students.

How long do I have to respond to an internship offer?
You should respond immediately as the internships are very competitive, but some may allow two business days (this is at the discretion of the employer).




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