Message from Chris Clark

President & CEO, Georgia Chamber of Commerce

The broad based liberal arts training you are receiving at Georgia College has given you a solid foundation, and the opportunity ahead of you to gain hands-on experience in the business world will be an invaluable addition to that education. The Georgia Chamber is proud to have been involved in the GEM Program since its inception in 2002. Upon completion of the program, I hope you will find it has made a beneficial impact on your personal and professional growth. 

Message from Dr. Steve Dorman

President, Georgia College 

Your involvement in the GEM Program will allow you to meet some of Georgia’s most prominent leaders in the areas business, law, healthcare, and politics. In addition, you will be mentored by one of these individuals and will have opportunity to gain from his or her work and life experiences. I know you will be both inspired and challenged by hearing about and observing the problems and decisions that are met by these individuals. 


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