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About The GIVE Center

The GIVE Center serves as the volunteerism clearinghouse empowering students to make a difference by linking them to the needs of our community. Through this center Georgia College students, faculty and staff become involved in campus wide, local community, national and international volunteer efforts. We offer volunteer opportunities in twenty different categories. We challenge our campus to put their "paws on a cause."

Our Mission
The GIVE Center serves to engage individuals in experiences which not only "prepare a student for a career but for life as a citizen;" we will achieve this by inspiring individuals, One at a Time, to leave their legacy through volunteerism, leadership and collaboration. (quote taken from Frank Newman)

Our History
The GIVE Center was started in the fall of 1997, by Kendall M. Stiles with the help of a student, Kate Van Cantfort. These two recognized the desire of many Georgia College students to volunteer in their community, for this reason that they created The GIVE Center. When it began The GIVE Center started out of a single red basket. By the fall of 2001 The GIVE Center, had grown into a center with several offices and over fifteen student coordinated programs. This move proved to be vital in the center's history. During the next four years the center would grow to over fifty student-coordinated programs.

In the fall of 2005 Paul F. Sedor II was hired as the center's first Assistant Director. As a recent Georgia College graduate, Paul assisted The GIVE Center in using new forms of technology to help better serve students and agencies. In addition, the center developed a stronger collaboration with the Community Action Team for Service (CATS) which has created additional volunteer opportunities for our campus. Through this collaboration, our students were able to benefit from shared resources and bridge the gap between Student Affairs and Academic Affairs.

In the current year Georgia College offers over 90 student coordinated programs and serves over 3,000 student volunteers. Through personal contact with individual volunteers and organizations, The GIVE Center was able to track over 50,000 certified volunteer hours during the 2011-2012 academic year.

For more information please visit our Statistics Page


The GIVE Center has been making an impact on the lives of the many people we have served since 1997. We have been fortunate enough to be able to touch the lives of our students, staff, and faculty; but the work our students have done has reached much farther. With the help of our office our students have touched the lives of people in our community, our state, our country, and over seas. With all of our amazing students and their hard work, The GIVE Center's efforts were bound to be recognized. Here is a list of what we have been able to accomplish One at a Time.
1999: The Templeton Foundation
The GIVE Center was chosen by The Templeton Foundation as a college that encourages character development through our service programs.

2002: Outstanding Student Learning Program
The GIVE Center received the state-wide award from the
Georgia College Personnel Association

2005: Governor's Council on Developmental Disabilities
In the spring of 2005, Governor Sunny Perdue's Development
Disabilities Council awarded The No Boundaries Club $9,999 to
develop their Kids On The Block puppet program.

2005: Group Leadership Award
The GIVE Center received this state-wide award, on October 25, 2005,
from the Georgia Association of Volunteer Administrators.

2006: Governor's Hands On Challenge Grant 
In the spring of 2006, Governor Sunny Perdue awarded The GIVE
Center $10,000 to help us strengthen our community partners.
This grant was utilized to help create a Hands On Milledgeville
center for our community.

2007: President's Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll
This Presidential Award is the highest federal recognition a college or
university can receive for its commitment to volunteering, service
learning, and civic engagement. The Honor Roll is a program of the
Corporation for National and Community Service, and is sponsored by
the President's Council on Service and Civic Participation, the USA
Freedom Corps, and the U.S. Departments of Education and Housing
and Urban Development.

2007: Governor's Hands On Challenge Grant 
Governor Sunny Perdue awarded The GIVE Center it's second
challenge grant in the amount of $10,000 to be used for Hands On
Milledgeville projects.

2008: Governor's Hands On Challenge Grant 
Governor Sunny Perdue awarded The GIVE Center it's second
challenge grant in the amount of $9,250 to be used for Hands On
Milledgeville projects.


The GIVE Center currently works with Baldwin High School as a satellite program. As a satellite, we provide assistance to high school students who are beginning their journey as service leaders. Some of the service we provide include:

  • Tracking Database for logging service events and hours
  • Training and workshops for student Service Leaders
  • Mentorship program with a college Service Leader
  • Development of service programs and events
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