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Health Programs

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(AIDS Now Grips Every Living Soul) The purpose of this organization is to have college students work with individuals that have AIDS and HIV as well as to help plan World AIDS Day and AIDS Awareness Week at GCSU. (

Blood Drives
This program promotes the five "Dr. John Sallstrom Blood Drives," plans upcoming blood drives, coordinates volunteers and donors, as well as secures decorations, refreshments and prizes. This program is done in conjunction with The American Red Cross. (

Check Your Head
This program organizes awareness events and programming about teen suicide and mental health. This program is done in conjunction with the GCSU Counseling Center and GCSU Health Services. (

Colleges Against Cancer
The purpose of this organization is to provide support to the Georgia Cancer Treatment Specialist as well as to the American Cancer Society. (

Life Takes Guts
This LifeLink program organizes tissue and organ donor drives during the John Sallstrom s Blood Drives. These drives promote, educate and recruit individuals to become tissue or organ donors. (

LiveSTRONG Challenge
This program encourages students to stay healthy by exercising. During the challenge participants are asked to exercise daily. They can choose any form of exercise that is equal to walking one mile. An example of this is mowing your yard. Participants do this in honor of cancer survivors. (

Relay for Life
This program allows students to participate in the 24 Hour fundraising walk sponsored by The American Cancer Society. (

Road to Recovery
This ACS program provides transportation for cancer survivors to the doctors, to their treatment and to hospitals. (

Scrubby Bear
This American Red Cross program works with local Elementary Schools to teach children in kindergarten the importance of properly washing their hands, and helpful information about germs. (

Smiley Kids Club
This dental health awareness program educates children on the importance of proper dental hygiene and how to correctly brush their teeth. This program also teaches children the importance of visiting the dentist and what to expect when visiting the dentist for the first time. The program is presented each February for National Children's Dental Health Month. (

Sunshine Club
This program is for students to send cards to a cancer survivor on their anniversary date. (

Survivor Buddies
This program allows students to develop a friendship with a cancer survivor. This program is done in conjunction with the Georgia Cancer Treatment Specialist Center. (

Tell a Friend
This American Cancer Society (ACS) program is designed to help increase breast cancer screening and early detection through regular mammograms. Trained volunteer callers contact five friends or acquaintances to encourage them to get a mammogram. This strategy is called "peer counseling" because the volunteers are contacting other women much like themselves. It's a strategy that has been tested and really works! (

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