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Poverty Programs

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30 Hr Famine
This program is for students to participate in a hunger awareness program that allows participants to give others a chance to save lives and change our world. Each participant raises $30 and fasts for 30 hours at our famine lock-in. (

Empty Bowls
Participants in this educational event select a ceramic bowl and are served a simple meal of soup and bread. The participants use their bowl that day and get to keep it as a reminder that there are always empty bowls in the world.  In exchange for the meal and the bowl, the student gives a suggested minimum donation of five dollars.  The money collected is donated to a local agency to help fight hunger in our community. (

Greek Can Serve-A-Thon
This event is sponsored by the Greek Councils, The GIVE Center and Sodexho and takes place annually during Greek Week. This event is open to the entire campus. Participating organizations build structures or statues out of cans and non-perishables. The structures are judged by local community members and a winner is chosen. All of the cans and non-perishables used to build the structures are donated to the Overview food pantry.

Habitat for Humanity
This organization allows students to volunteer to help build houses for individuals and also to help raise awareness about hunger and homelessness in Baldwin County. (

Hunters for Hunger
This program allows students to hunt and donated venison to the Georgia Hunters for the Hungry (GHFTH) Program and help to fill a void for Food Banks across the state. (

Meals on Wheels
This program allows students to deliver meals, on the same day of the month, to the elderly in our community. This program is in conjunction with the Oconee Regional Medical Center. (

Operation Christmas Child
The purpose of this program is to provide an opportunity for GCSU to be involved in a simple, hands-on mission's project which brings joy and hope to children in desperate situations around the world through gift-filled shoe boxes. (

Open Eyes Sleep Out
This is a poverty simulation where students get to experience what it would be like if they were homeless. Participants gather on front campus and spend the entire night outside using whatever they can find for shelter such as a cardboard box. (

OxFam Hunger Banquet
For this educational banquet, each person attending is randomly assigned a role. Fifteen percent of the people get a role in the high income group; these people sit at a table and enjoy a three-course meal. Twenty-five percent of the people get a role in the middle income group; they sit in chairs and eat rice and beans. Sixthly percent of the attendees sit on the floor, and receive only rice and water. They are the low income group, and for one meal, they suffer the fate of the millions of people throughout the world who live in poverty. (

Potato Drop
The purpose of a Potato Drop is primarily to help educate participants about hunger and the amount of perfectly edible food that goes to waste in America. The Potato Drop begins with a tractor-trailer load of potatoes which are dropped in a parking lot. The tractor trailer dumps roughly 40,000 lbs. of potatoes. Volunteers process the load by bagging the potatoes, and loading the potatoes into transport vehicles for local churches and civic groups. These groups will disperse the potatoes to needy families in our area. The Potato Drop will feed roughly 130,000 needy people. (

Save Your Sheets
This program collects towels, sheets, wash clothes, toiletries, etc for the Maranatha Mission Home and Domestic Violence Safe Houses. (

Soul Food
This program is for students to volunteer at the St. Stephen's Food Pantry, Overview Food Pantry and Maranatha Mission Home to help feed the needy in Baldwin County as well as help these pantries collect food. This program will also work to do more than just elevate a person's hunger but also to help feed their soul. (

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