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The First Step to the registration process is to come by The GIVE Center, located in Ennis Hall.  To be a registered volunteer we need to collect several pieces of information, which many of the agencies need in order for you to volunteer with them.  We will be collecting the following:

  • General Profile Information (ie. name, address, phone, etc.)
  • Criminal Background Information (used to process a criminal background check)
  • A copy of your Bobcat Card and a legal picture ID (used for criminal background check)
  • A list of 3-6 character references (ie. family member, friend, co-worker, etc.)
  •  Confidentiality Form

We will explain each of these forms if you complete them in our office, and can make the copies of your IDs for you when you come by.  

The Second Step of the registration process is to join the iVolunteer group in OrgSync.  An OrgSync account has already been created for Georgia College students.  You will login with your eCats email address and your password that was emailed to this email address.  When you click on the registration link, you will be taken to the OrgSync login page, and once you have logged in you will see the page to join our iVolunteer group.  OrgSync Registration Link 

The Third Step of the registration process is to complete your orientation in iTunes U.  You will find more information about this on the New Volunteer Orientation in the iVolunteer OrgSync group.  You can find the New Volunteer Orientation by clicking on the "Pages" button on the left-hand side of this web page.

The Fourth Step and final of the registration process is a placement phone call.  After you have finished the new volunteer orientation, we will call you to discuss the best agencies and programs to place you with.  We will then send referrals to each of your requested placements.

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