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Stories of Service


At our 10 Year Anniversary celebration, we were inspired by several stories from our alumni, and we decided to see how The GIVE Center has made an impact on our current students.  This project began in 2008, with us asking some of our Service Leaders to tell us their "Story of Service" and we were amazed by what they shared.  Here are some of their stories:

Ajayi Monell (pdf)

Beth Gaylor (pdf)

Daniel Hannah (pdf)

Erin Greenstein  (pdf)

Jennifer Arroyo (pdf)

Jill Marie Thomas (pdf)

Libby Ellis (pdf)

Lyric Burnett (pdf)

Megan McGuire (pdf)

Megan White (pdf)

Missy Granish (pdf)

Tameka Dean (pdf)

Tyler Cole (pdf)



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