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Updated: 11-20-2013

Steve Elliott-Gower, PhD, Associate Professor was recently awarded the Georgia Political Science Association's 2013 GATE Certificate of Merit for Teaching Innovation. The award was for a presentation that Dr. Elliott-Gower gave that was judged to be the most innovative, engaging to students, thoughtfully explained to peers, and with applicability  to many institutions or settings. The presentation was based on a course that he and Dr. Steve Jones taught in Spring 2013 titled "America and the Muslim World."   In the first half of the course, students read and discussed articles about Islam and relations between the West and Islam, and studied (with Dr. Jones) cross-cultural communication skills.  In the second half of the course, class students engaged in facilitated discussions with students from around the world, including students in Muslim-majority countries, about issues related to Islam and relations between the West and Muslim-majority countries via videoconferencing technology.  Student learning outcomes were assessed via reflection journals, weekly debriefing sessions and a final reflection paper.

Steve Elliott-Gower
Steve Elliott-Gower Ph.D.
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