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Meet our Alumni


Evan Karanovich
Special Assistant to the Commissioner
Georgia Department of Agriculture
Political Science Major, Criminal Justice Minor
From Douglasville, GA.
Class of 2012

So, what are you doing these days?

I currently serve as the Special Assistant to the Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Agriculture. I had interned with the Commissioner the summer between my junior and senior year. It was the fall semester of my senior year that the commissioner called with an offer to join him and the department full time after my graduation. It was because of the internship and the knowledge I gained while serving that prepared me for my current role.

How did the Political Science program prepare you for your current position?

My entire college career could not have prepared me better for my current role. My position is one where I am not required to have a specific training (which is necessary for positions in the department regulatory functions) but my liberal arts background prepared me for the numerous responsibilities I now find myself involved with. From public speaking to critical thinking my college curriculum challenged me to various is because of those challenges that I fee today I can master whatever is required of me.

What are a couple of your favorite memories of your time at Georgia College?

I have so many fond memories of Georgia College, so many that neither time nor emails can suffice. Probably the two most profound to me was when I was elected by our student body to serve as student body president and the opportunity I had to bring greetings to my graduating class at spring commencement. Many others contributed to my success on campus but none more than having the opportunity to serve (sometimes at my expense either through personal or academic sacrifice) as the 2011-2012 SGA president. It gave me an opportunity to give just a little back to an institution that gave and invested in me. It opened my eyes to a greater university that many students never have the opportunity to see. We truly have some of the most talented faculty and staff serving our campus each and everyday. They root themselves intimately in our campus so much so that we develop into a lasting family. Our campus has changed...from names like GNIC to Georgia College and Colonials to Bobcats from regional university to GA's token public liberal arts university Georgia college will continue to take many shapes, but one thing remains the same: we are passionate about a place that isn't a's a culture. It's a culture of family and genuine care, not just for academics but for a way of life. If we graduate a person with just a piece of paper, we fail, but when we graduate a well rounded citizen of our community, state, nation and world...we win every time.

What are your future plans?

If I serve at 100% today, tomorrow will be waiting. I am a firm believer in the importance of working and believing in today realizing that tomorrow will be better because of the challenges faced today. I am uncertain what my future holds but I know that my current roles and responsibilities are critical to a successful future. I do understand the importance placed on master and terminal degrees so I know that is in my near future. I continue to be fascinated with the complexities of our state and national political scene and know I will never stray too far from my undergraduate studies in political science.


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