Graduate Studies at Robins Air Force Base


Georgia College's Warner Robins site for graduate studies is located on Robins Air Force Base in Building 905, on the east side of the city of Warner Robins, Ga.

Georgia College currently offers three graduate degrees through the Georgia College at Robins AFB location. Classes are held in the contemporary base education complex, which has modern classrooms with visual aids, a computer learning center and a 4,500-volume library.

The available programs at Georgia College are open to military and civil service employees at Robins AFB, as well as to non-base connected civilians in the central Georgia community. Because this branch campus is located on a military installation, the courses are only open to U.S. citizens. International students can take courses at our Macon Center or online.


There are two security gates that can be utilized when arriving at Robins AFB, the Watson Blvd. Gate (Main Gate) and the Russell Parkway Gate (South Gate). These gates are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please keep in mind that students must be in possession of their personal pass to enter. Personal passes can be obtained from the Visitor's Center (Watson Blvd. Gate). Once a pass has been obtained students are free to use either inbound gate to proceed to your classroom location.

The Visitor's Center is located to the right of the Main Gate off of the Watson Blvd base entrance. It is the main stop for newcomers gaining access to the base. This is where students will need to take their Robins Base Pass form to and where their background check will be conducted.


You will need the following documents: 
1. Request for Robins Base Pass Form - sent to students via email or regular mail by our office (print and completee)
2. Valid Social Security Card
4. Current /valid driver's license
5. Current proof of vehicle insurance
6. Registration to the vehicle being driven on base


While the Visitor Center is open 24 hours a day, passes can only be issued between 7:15 a.m. and 3:30 p.m., Monday through Fridays. To ensure that operating hours are the same, please call the Center at 478-222-1969 to confirm.

Once students have properly registered for classes being held at Robins AFB, it's their responsibility to contact our office via phone at 478-327-7376 to request information on how to obtain a personal pass. Personal pass information and forms are usually emailed to students at least 2 weeks before classes begin. If a student's name is not on the class roster at that time, due to a late registration, they will not receive the pass information or form, so it's imperative that students who register late contact our office. Once pass paperwork is received by the student it needs to be completed and physically (no faxing or emailing) taken to the Visitor's Center at the main gate (Watson Blvd. Gate), at least 3 days before class begins or earlier if possible. While at the Visitor's Center students will also be required to submit to a background check. If background checks can't be performed on that day due to computer system issues, it is possible that a temporary pass will be issued. Students will need to check the valid dates on this pass to ensure that they return back to the Visitor's Center on another day to complete the background check completed and obtain properly updated pass. Currently, personal passes are being issued in the form of a card and will be valid for the complete semester the student is registered for, but this could change at any time. Processing time for a pass depends totally on the workload of the Visitor's Center. If time constraints are an issue, please contact the Visitor's Center to get an estimated wait time prior to arrival. 

Once your pass has been issued to you, our office asks that it is kept it in a safe and secure location. Please remember that when on the base, the pass must be kept on your person at all times and not in your vehicle.


Car Pooling:

If a student is not driving a vehicle onto the base but carpools with another student no vehicle documentation is required; however, they must still take the Request for Robins Base Pass Form and some form of identification (i.e., driver's license, some form of state ID, passport or student visa) with them to the Visitor's Center so that a background check can be conducted and the personal pass issued.


Military or DOD Identification Card Holders: 

If a student is already in possession of a valid military or DOD identification card which allows them access to the base, they will not need the Request for Personal Pass from.


It is not the responsibility of Georgia College to sign students onto the base for class. Please always check to ensure your personal pass is with you before traveling to the base. 


Professor/Instructor Information:

If a professor/instructor has taught at Robins in the last year and still has a valid pass but it will expire before the semester ends:

Check the expiration date on the pass, if it expires during the current semester in which you are teaching contact our office and a Request for Robins Base Pass Form will be mailed to you via regular mail or email. Currently, passes are valid for one calendar year, but this could change at any time.


If a professor/instructor is new to Robins or has taught at Robins before but it's been over a calendar year and their personal pass is no longer valid:

Contact our office with your personal information and a Request for Robins Base Pass Form will be mailed to you via regular mail or email. Currently, passes are valid for one calendar year, but this could change at any time.


Driving on Robins AFB:

Please have the following information with you and available at all times:

1. Current/valid driver's license

2. Current proof of vehicle insurance

3. Registration to the vehicle that is being driven on base

Note: Mobile phone usage is prohibited from behind the wheel of a vehicle on Robins AFB without the use of a wireless headset peripheral.