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The Georgia College Sustainability Council meets on the third Friday of every month at 1 p.m.

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Water Conservation



To move Georgia College toward greater environmental sustainability in the area of water conservation.


  • to improve methods employed to measure campus water use and provide periodic water use reports
  • to record and track water conservation related projects
  • to review best practices in water conservation and cost efficiency
  • to generate greater awareness of local and global water conservation issues
  • to recommend actions that reduce water use and promote cost efficiency


Conserving Water

The drought of 2007 forced GC campus to come to grips with the fact that water in Georgia is becoming increasingly scarce, especially in dry years.  In fact, the Governor created a Drought Response Working Group (pdf) to promote water conservation among all state agencies and institutions.  The group is very active in its efforts and has published these important web sites:


Here at Georgia College, we have taken efforts to curb excessive water use, including:

  • A campus water use and irrigation audit
  • Installation of irrigation use meters
  • Reducing our outdoor watering
  • The student cafeteria has elected to go "tray-less" to save food waste and water
  • Encouraging conservation in the residence halls through the Zap the Tap (jpg) program
  • Installation of low-flow washing machines in the residence halls


Here are some other great ideas for conserving water resources:


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