Student Information


Type of Presentations

Oral (Max. 20 minutes) - [12 minutes to present - 5 minutes for questions - 3 minutes to exchange from one presentation to the next presentation]
Poster Size: No larger than 3' x 4'
Performing Arts (dance, music, drama, etc.)
Visual Arts (sculpture, painting, photography, etc.)

You may submit a URL (if applicable) - to provide documentation, formulas, images, music files, videos etc. in support of your submission. These are complimentary items, not to circumvent the 300 word limit.


Equipment  Needs

The follow items are available: Windows computer, Microsoft PowerPoint - Office 2007 and later version, LCD projector, internet connectivity, program sound, CD/DVD players.
Note to Macintosh users: please produce your presentations so that they can be displayed on a Windows computer.

The following ADDITIONAL options are available ONLY for PERFORMING and VISUAL ARTS PRESENTATIONS ((check all that apply). If an accompanist is needed, please send an e-mail to:

  • Dance Space
  • Drama Space
  • Music Performance Space
  • Piano 
  • Wall/Gallery Space


Discipline Specific Awards

In addition, if you would like your paper to be considered for the discipline specific award in Science, Humanities, and the Arts.  By checking yes on the abstract application, you agree to send your full paper to by the abstract deadline and acknowledge that the paper will be published in the Georgia College Knowledge Box site for the conference.