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Contact Information

Office: 113 Humber-White House 

Office phone: 478-445-7380



Carmen Kordick de Cubero

Assistant Professor of History
113 Humber White House

 Current Vita


 Modern and Colonial Latin America
Central America (National Period)
Latin American Migrations


 Critical book review of Entre “arriba” y “abajo”: La experiencia transnacional de la migración de costarricenses hacia Estados Unidos by Carmen Caamaño Morúa, Anuario de Estudios Centroamericanos, 38 (2012).

 "Costa Rica's First Immigrants to New York and New Jersey," in Carlos Sandoval García and Mónica Brenes, ed., The Broken Myth: Immigration and Emigration in Costa Rica. Lanham, M.D.: Rowman and Littlefield/Lexington Books (2011)

 “La memoria del viaje: Primeros emigrantes de Costa Rica a Nueva York y Nueva Yersey,” in Carlos Sandoval García and Mónica Brenes, ed., Inmigración y emigración en Costa Rica. San José: Editorial de la Universidad de Costa Rica, 2007.

 Classes Taught:

 Modern Latin American History 
Colonial Latin American History 
Modern Caribbean History (Spring 2013) 
Modern Central American History 
World Civilization & Society II 
“Imperialism, Race and Nation Building in Central America” 

Current Project:

 Carmen Kordick de Cubero’s dissertation is entitled “Tarrazú: Coffee, Migration, and Nation Building in Rural Costa Rica, 1824-2008.” 

Her dissertation examines the historical development of Costa Rica’s most renowned coffee region, Tarrazú, from the arrival of the first colonists in the 1820s to the present. Her work not only to narrates the unique history of this rural region’s economic, social, cultural, and political development, but also serves to complicate traditional narratives of Costa Rican history, that have touted Costa Rica as an egalitarian, democratic, and white (i.e. European-American and non- indigenous) nation with nothing in common with its non-democratic, highly indigenous Central American neighbors.


Future Teaching Interests:

Revolutions in Central America
Revolution and Rebellion in Latin America
Transnational History
Methodology and Historiography
Race, Nation, and Gender in Latin America
Mexican History


Department of History and Geography
Campus Box 47
Georgia College
Milledgeville, GA 31061



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