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Faculty Information

Stephanie Baker Opperman
Assistant Professor of History
Room 107 Humber White House

Current Vita (pdf)


Latin America
Modern Mexico
Modern Caribbean
US/Latin American Relations
Colonialism and Conquest 
Public Health
Food History


Opperman, S.B. "Modernization and Rural Health in Mexico: The Case of the Tepalcatepec Commission." Endeavour, Special issue on Continuity and Change in the History of Mexican Public Health, 37:1 (March 2013): 47–55.

Baker, S.L. Review of Mexico's Indigenous Communities: Their Lands and Histories, 1500-2010, by Ethelia Ruiz Medrano. Bulletin of Latin American Research 31 (2012): 245-47.

Baker, S.L. “Health and Medicine” in American Centuries: The Ideas, Issues, and Trends that Made US History, Volume 5, ed. Robert Johnston. New York, N.Y.: Facts on File, 2011.

Baker, S.L. “Immigration”; “Immigration Restriction”; and “Imperialism” in Encyclopedia of U.S. Political History, Volume 4, 1878-1920, ed. Robert Johnston. Washington, D.C.: Congressional Quarterly Press, 2010.

Baker, S.L. “The Limits of International Health Campaigns: Mexico's Experience with the Rockefeller Foundation, 1940-1950.” The Rockefeller Archive Center, 2009. Accessed October 1, 2012.


Panelist, XIV Reunión de Historiadores de México, Chicago, IL, September 2014

La modernización y la salud rural en México: el caso de la Comisión de Tepalcatepec (1947-1961). (submitted)

Panelist and Session Organizer, American Historical Association, Washington, DC, January 2, 2014

“How Anthropology Can Contribute to a Public Health Program”: Isabel Kelly’s Work in Latin America, 1951–59. (accepted)

Panelist, Latin American Studies Association, Washington, DC, May 31, 2013

The Role of Cooperative Health Agreements in Cold War Politics.

Panel Chair, Organizer, and Presenter, American Historical Association, New Orleans, LA, January 6, 2013

The Science of Improvement: Race, Public Health and Politics, Part II.

Classes Taught:

HIST 1132  World Civilization and Society II
HIST 4800  Modern Mexico 
HIST 4950  Special Topics-Latin American Revolutions

Current Projects:

My current project explores the work of Dr. Isabel Kelly, an American anthropologist with extensive fieldwork experience in Mexico, Bolivia and Puerto Rico in the early 1950s. Kelly’s reports offer significant insight into the value of anthropological studies to public health programs and international cooperation in mid-twentieth century Latin America. I argue that her work reformulated bilateral healthcare training and anthropological fieldwork within the Institute of Inter-American Affairs, and created more specialized health centers that prioritized the needs of patients above the demands of the state.



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