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Typical Programs of Study


Suggested 4-Year Course Plan



  • History majors can substitute one of the following for one upper-division HIST elective: GEOG 4205: Political Geography, or RELI 3950: Speical Topics with departmental approval, or any upper-division course with approval of the Department of History & Geography chair.
  • All 27 semester hours in the major field must be at the 3000 - 4000 level.
  • A maximum of 3 semester hours from any and all of the following categories of courses may be used to satisfy the elective requirement, above: independent study, internship, and study abroad.

Degree Requirements

3-15 semester hours


Students should take HIST 3001, Historical Research and Writing, by the end of their second semester, sophomore year. Students may take two upper division courses before taking HIST 3001, but they will not be permitted to take any further upper division courses until HIST 3001 is taken.


Fulfill the requirements of a Senior Capstone Experience by completing the requirements of Senior Thesis, HIST 4970. (3 hours) Senior Thesis will be taken in conjunction with scheduled classes. In consultation with the instructor, the student will register for an upper division class that broadly covers the area of his/her thesis research. The student will register for both the upper division class and also for Senior Thesis, under the name of the same faculty member. Students will not be allowed to complete Senior Thesis until the first or second semester of their senior year. Students may also fulfill the Senior Capstone requirement by participating in a pre-approved and sanctioned study abroad course, HIST 4980.


Students must show competence in a foreign language at the level of the fourth university course (2002). (9-12 hours)


A grade of C or better must be earned in all courses that count toward the major.


A minimum of 39 hours overall must be at the 3000-4000 level.


Complete First-Year Academic Seminar with a passing grade. (cannot be counted towards graduation)


Exit Survey / Information


Portfolio of Papers to include Senior Thesis


A minimum total score of 130 is required in order to pass the Senior Exit Exam.






Department of History and Geography
Campus Box 47 | Milledgeville, GA 31061
Phone 478-445-5215 | Fax 478-445-4009
For more information, contact the departmental chair: Dr. Aran MacKinnon.
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