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Office: 102 Humber-White House

Office phone: 478-445-8276

E-mail address:


William J. Risch

Associate Professor of History

102 Humber White House 


Modern Europe
Modern Germany
Russia and Eastern Europe
Modern China
Modern Asia


“Escape from the Street: Language, Rock-and-Roll, and Subversive Youth Space in Late Socialist Lviv," in Elisha Foust and Sophie Fuggle, ed., Word on the Street: Reading, Writing & Inhabiting Public Space (London: Institute of Germanic & Romance Studies, School of Advanced Study, University of London, publication expected November 2011) 

The Ukrainian West: Culture and the Fate of Empire in Soviet Lviv.  Harvard University Press, 2011;

The Socialist Beat in the Soviet Bloc: Music, Youth Cultures, and the State, edited with Dr. Kate Transchel, under advance contract with Lexington Books

“Lviv and the Collapse of the Soviet Union: Establishment Writers and Literary Politics on the Soviet Western Borderlands," in John W. Steinberg and Rex A. Wade, ed., The Making of Russian History: Essays in Honor of Allan K. Wildman (Bloomington, IN: Slavica, 2009), 181-209

“Thinking between Borders: Polish Media and Cultural Resistance in Post-1953 L’viv,” Canadian-American Slavic Studies 40.1 (Spring 2006): 101-26

“Soviet ‘Flower Children’: Hippies and the Youth Counter-Culture in 1970s L’viv,”  Journal of Contemporary History 40.3 (July 2005): 565-584; “Radians’ki ‘dity-kvity’: hippi ta molodizhni subkul’tury u L’vovi 1970-kh rokiv (Soviet ‘Flower Children’: Hippies and Youth Subcultures in 1970s Lviv)," in K. Karolczak, ed., Lwów: miasto – społeczeństwo – kultura.  Studia z dziejów Lwowa, vol. 5, Ludzie Lwowa (Kraków: Wydawnictwo Naukowe Akademii Pedagogicznej, 2005), 421-28

“Historical Memory as Nonconformity: Institute of Historical Sciences under Ivan Kryp’iakevych,” Ukraina: kul’turna spadshchyna, natsional’na svidomist’, derzhavnist’ 8 (2001): 909-19.   

Classes Taught: 

American Historiography in the Twentieth Century
Asia to 1500
Asian Civilizations in the Modern World
Europe since 1600
First Year Academic Seminar for History Majors
Germany and France since the Enlightenment
Historical Constructions of Eastern Europe
Historical Methods and Interpretations
Imperial Russia (1700-1917)
Medieval Russia
The Methodology of Oral History
Modern China 
Modern Eastern Europe
Modern Europe
Modern Germany
Modern Russia
Nations and Globalization in the Modern World
Nineteenth-Century Revolutions
Rock-and-Roll Revolution: Post-1945 Europe 
St. Petersburg in War and Revolution
Seminar in Eastern and Central European History
Twentieth Century Russia
Western Civilization, 1600-Present
Western Interpretations of Soviet History
World Civilization and Society II (1500-Present)

Current Projects:

Secret Son: Family Histories and the State in Twentieth Century Eastern Europe (future monograph); A Window in the Bloc: The Impact of Poland on Postwar Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union (future monograph). 

Department of History and Geography
Campus Box 47 | Milledgeville, GA 31061
Phone 478-445-5215 | Fax 478-445-4009

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