Eta Sigma Alpha


Eta Sigma Alpha is Georgia College's Honors Student Association. Eta Sigma Alpha organizes numerous academic, cultural, service, and social events and activities. All Honors students are required to join Eta Sigma Alpha and remain in good standing (see below). There is a one-time $60 fee payable to Eta Sigma Alpha; this may be pro-rated for collegiate entry and transfer students. Fees are used to cover the cost of food for Eta Sigma Alpha events and for some events (such as Honors Convocation) jointly sponsored with the Honors Program. The fee also covers the graduation banquet for graduating seniors, two family members and a faculty guest.

To remain in good standing with the Eta Sigma Alpha, Honors freshman need 10 Eta Sigma Alpha participation points per semester, sophomores need 8, juniors need 6, and seniors need 4; at least half of these points need to come from Eta Sigma Alpha and/or Honors Program-sponsored events, as opposed to "General" events. Honors lunch and dinner seminars are worth one participation point; Honors book discussions are worth two participation points; presentations at undergraduate research conferences (including the Georgia Collegiate Honors Council, Southern Regional Honors Council, National Collegiate Honors Council annual meetings, and the GC Undergraduate Research Conference) are worth 3 points.

Eta Sigma Alpha events are posted on the Honors Program's OrgSync page, which is where students also register their participation points.

Executive Board, 2017-18

President: Dorianna Dobson
Vice President: Payton Burriss
Treasurer: Frankie Hohenstein
Secretary: Beth Renfrow
Points Chair: Hannah Duncan
Public Relations Chair: Molli Hamstra
New Member Coordinator: Emily Ballesteros
Social Chair: Julia Melvin
Community Service Chair: Julian Lopez
Campus Involvement Chair: Caroline Grace Orlando
Intramural Chair: Caroline Fowler
Academic Involvement Coordinator: Mandi Brewer
Internal Coordinator: Lori Fatzinge

Recent Past Presidents

2016-17, Dorianna Dobson
2015-16, Dorianna Dobson
2014-15, Elizabeth Lohrmann
2013-14, Alissa Marchat
2012-13, Sally Gilbreth
2011-12, Olivia Ollinger
2010-11, Brandon Williams
2009-10, Caroline Rentz
2008-09, Justin Reeves
2007-08, Lauren Lundin

Honors Program

Georgia College, CBX 029
McIntosh House
123 S. Clarke Street
Milledgeville, GA 31061-0490
Phone: 478-445-4025