International Edition

International Edition is a faculty-facilitated discussion of contemporary international issues, co-sponsored by the Honors and the Leadership Programs.

Spring 2018 (in progress)

The Catalan Separatist Movement, Dr. Hank Edmondson (Political Science)

Chinese Expansionism, Dr. Jm Schiffman (Communication)

Russian Foreign Policy in Eastern Europe, Dr. William Risch (History)

International Cooperation on Climate Change (TBA)

Brexit Update, Dr. Steven Elliott-Gower (Political Science)

The Global Refugee Crisis (TBA)

Cuba's Art Scene (TBA)

Fall 2017

L'Affaire Russe, Drs. Steven Elliott-Gower (Political Science) and Harold Mock (History)

The German Election, Dr. Harold Mock (History)

Brexit, Dr. Steven Elliott-Gower (Political Science)

The Russian Threat, Dr. Gennady Rudkevitch (Political Science)

China and North Korea, Drs. James Schiffman (Mass Comm) and Steven Elliott-Gower (Political Science)

The Venezuelan Crisis (Dr. Brantley Nicholson (World Languages and Cultures)