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Previous Lunch and Dinner Seminars

FALL 2009
Bruce Harshbarger, Student Affairs, "Kilowatt Ours"
Ken Saladin, Biology, "The Poetry and Genius of E.E. Cummings"
Ben Scafidi, Economics, "Understanding Economic Irrationality"
Lynn Wilcox, ex-CDC, "Hookworm in the American South"


J.J. Arias, Economics, "Paths to Growth: India and China"
Gary Bertsch, University of Georgia, "Global Challenges"
Charles Bittner, The Nation, "Immigration: Media Perspectives"
Melanie DeVore, Environmental Sciences, "Andalusia"
Stephanie McClure, Sociology, "Is B the New Average?"
Ken Saladin, Biology, "The Creation-Evolution Debate"
Hyangsoon Yi, University of Georgia, "Korean Buddhism"

FALL 2008

Steve Auerbach, History, "Eurabia? Fear and Loathing in La France"
Mike Digby, Political Science, "Calling the Election: Art and Science"
Hank Edmondson, Political Science, "Global Citizenship"
Fred Manget, University of Georgia, "The CIA and National Security"
Ben Scafidi, Economics, "America's Financial Crisis"
Bob Wilson, History, "The History of Georgia College"
Veronica Womack, Political Science, "Poverty in the South"

Dinner Seminar
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