Honors Student Success


Alyssa Ahrens has been named Georgia College's Academic Recognition Day student. This is the highest academic award that a graduating senior can receive.

FALL 2017

Congratulations to our December graduates: Maria Bermudez, Amielle Burch and Amanda Williams.

Rachel Brineman and Shea Morris presented research at the southeastern meeting of the American Society for Microbiology in St. Petersburg, FL. Shea won the Best Scientific Talk award for undergraduates.

Dorianna Dobson, Payton Burriss and Caroline Fowler presented research at the International Entomology Society in Denver, CO.

Amanda WilliamsCaroline Fowler, Dorianna Dobson, Payton Burriss, Christina Cortes and Victoria Lara presented research at the Georgia Undergraduate Research Conference in Milledgeville, GA.


Congratulations to honors students Nowsherwan Sultan, Shea Morris and Nicholas Merino on their summer research experiences (REUs) at the University of Nebraska, Texas A&M University and University of Alabama, respectively.


Cameron Watts and Emma Brodzik presented research at the Academy of Economics and Finance in Charleston, SC.

Samantha Clapp presented research at the Mathematical Association of America's Joint Mathematical Meetings in Atlanta, GA.

Lauren Hovey and Katy Tinsley presented research at the South-Eastern Psychological Association in Atlanta, GA.

Jonathan Mangrum was presented with the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation Presidential Leadership Award during the spring 2017 semester of the Leadership and the American Presidency (LTAP) program in Washington, DC. Jonathan was selected as the individual from his cohort who demonstrated thoughtful, measured and admirable leadership reflective of this award.

Sami Strickland presented a paper entitled, "Silver and Gold: The Markers of Greed, Goodness, and Vanity in Chaucer's Travelers," at the Southeast Regional COPLAC Conference; (mentor, Dr. Craig Callender). Sami was also recently awarded a MURACE Summer Research Grant; (mentor, Dr. Katie Simon). 

Kevin Morris has been selected as one of the 2016-17 winners of the Library Undergraduate Research Award for his paper, "Chinese Cubans: Transnational Origins and Revolutionary Integration." 

Samantha Clapp has been accepted into the Ph.D. in mathematics program at the University of Tennessee.

Nicole Raisin has been accepted into the Occupational Therapy program at Brenau University.

Alex Adamczyk has been accepted into the MSN-CLN program at Augusta University.

Katy Tinsley is this year's recipient of the Phi Kappa Phi Dr. Therry Deal Scholarship.

Morgan Weekley has completed the Leadership Certificate Program.

Katy Tinsley, Alyssa Scarboro, and Lauren Hovey received "Outstanding Junior" awards from the Psychology Department at this year's PsycCon event.

Kevin Morris has been named the Outstanding History Major and received the William Ivey Hair Award from the Department of History and Geography.

Patrick Steimer won second place in the social sciences category at the 2017 Georgia Collegiate Honors Council Annual Meeting for his presentation, "Les Misérables: The Justice of Victor Hugo and the American Prison System.”

Four honors students are presenting research at the National Center for Undergraduate Research Annual Meeting in Memphis, TN in April: Andrew Denning, “Synthesis of a Novel Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitor for the Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease," Emily Bullington, "The Determination of Pesticide Residues in Vegetable Samples," Shea Morris, "Environmental Impact on Mycobacteriophage Isolation and Characterization," and Natalie Hebling, "Exploring the Influence of Removal of Kudzu on the Soil Fungal Community" and "Effect of Removing Kudzu on Abundance and Diversity of Soil Bacteria."

Scott Beauchamp received a grant from the Sustainable Council for a study on the feasibility of installing solar panels on the roof of Herty Hall. The study concluded that it was feasible, and the panels will be installed over spring break.

Will Anda has been accepted into the Peace Corps. He will serve in Cambodia, 2017-19.

Twelve honors students presented research at the 2017 Georgia Collegiate Honors Council Annual Meeting in Columbus, GA in February: Morgan Weekley, "John Coltrane: Forming a Legend”; Jenna Kemp, “Global Perspectives: Women's Rights in China”; Kasey Bell, “Global Perspectives: Global Effects of Population Aging”; Amielle Burch and Amanda Williams, "Ecology of Giraffa camelopardalis in the Tropical Savanna”; Elise Spicer, "Global Perspectives: The Trump Administration and Mexican Migration”; Patrick Steimer, "Les Misérables: The Justice of Victor Hugo and the American Prison System”; Tyler Hooks, "The Home Depot Financial Analysis”; Shea Morris, "Environmental Impact on Mycobacteriophage Isolation and Characterization”; Dorianna Dobson and Payton Burriss, "The Effects of Mutualistic and Defensive Relationships with Coral Reefs on San Salvador Island”; Cameron Watts, “Global Perspectives: Pollution in China"; Rebecca Hendrix, "Social Media: Making the World a Better Place by Solving Crime”; and Callum Lever, “Assessing Water Treatment Residuals….”

Three honors students--Emma Brodzik, Kevin Morris and Cameron Watts--are presenting research at the Academy of Economics and Finance in Charleston, SC in February.

Two Honors students are semi-finalists for the prestigious Fulbright Scholarship: Samantha Clapp is a senior mathematics major from Rockmart, Georgia. She has applied for the Fulbright/Budapest Semester in Mathematics- Rényi Institute. If selected, she will spend spend nine months in Budapest studying with the Budapest Semesters in Mathematics and performing research at Hungary’s Rényi institute. Kevin Morris is a senior economics and history major from Savannah, Georgia. He has applied for an English Teaching Assistantship in Macedonia. If selected, he will spend nine months serving as an English teaching assistant in Macedonia. In addition, a recent Honors alumna, Anna Fontaine, is also a semi-finalist. Anna graduated from Georgia College in 2013 with a BA in Theatre. She has applied for the United Kingdom Partnership grant to the University of Essex. If selected, she will complete the MFA in Acting (International) at the University of Essex.

Samantha Clapp did a poster presentation on "Lie Alegbras of Generalized Quatemoin Groups" at the Mathematical Association of America's Joint Mathematical Meetings in Atlanta.

Lauren Hovey and Katy Tinsley presented research on "Relationships Between Ambiguity Tolerance and Well-Structured vs. Ill-Structured Problems" at the South-Eastern Psychological Association in Atlanta.

FALL 2016

Congratulations to our twelve December 2016 graduates!

Jessica Craigg completed a semester-long study program sponsored by the School for International Training in Tanzania. Jessica's research project involved mapping roads in the area in which she was studying.

Alexander Cline is an Urban Planning Intern-Assistant with the City of Milledgeville.

Maria Bermudez, Shelby Breitmann, and Anna Schendl presented research on various aspects of the global refugee crisis at the Association of Global South Studies Annual Meeting  in New Albany, IN.

The following Honors students presented papers and/or posters at the 2016 Georgia Undergraduate Research Conference: Mary Plauche, “Analyzing Greywater Constituent Effects on Soil Quality and Kale Seedling Growth”; Brenton Jackson (co-author), “Comparing the Spatial Distributions Of HMXBs and Star-Forming Regions In the Small Magellanic Cloud”; Kayla Draffin  (co-author), “The Search Process for Medical Information”; Megan McGurl, “A Comparative Study of the Mathematical Curriculum of France and the State of Georgia”; Jhoana Padron and Alyssa Scarboro (co-authors), “The Influence of Parenting Styles on Children’s Social Competence”; Brooke Raisin, “Memory and Mood among Active Older Adults”; Shea Morris, “Environmental and Seasonal Impact on Mycobacteriophage Isolation and Characterization”; Molly Lawson (co-author), “Determination of the Binding Site of Adenovirus E4Orf3 and Ddx6.” 

Jessica Craigg is studying geography and ecology in Tanzania this semester with the School for International Training.

Samantha Clapp presented a paper entitled, "The Interaction of Calcium and Metabollic Oscillations in Pancreatic Beta-Cells" at the 9th International Symposium on Biomechanics and Ecology Education and Research in Charleston, SC.

Cristalei Polk has been admitted to Clemson University's masters program in bioengineering.


Sofia Papa will be working for Teach for America in Jacksonville, FL in the fall.

Jessica Su will be pursuing an M.Sc. in Accounting at UVA’s McIntire School of Commerce in the fall.

Emily Buckingham is interning with Scripps Networks Interactive.

Hillary Hunnings has been accepted to the UGA School of Law.

Mikaela LaFave has been accepted into Georgia College’s M.A. in English Program.

Grace London has been selected as Georgia College's nominee for a Phi Kappa Phi Graduate Fellowship.

Jude Thornton has been awarded the 2016 Doris Moody Scholarship.

Samantha Clapp has been awarded the 2016 John Sallstrom Scholarship.

Thirty-eight Honors students presented research at the 2016 Georgia College Undergraduate Research Symposium.

Jennie Pless has been accepted to a dual degree Masters of Education in Human Sexuality and Masters of Clinical Social Work program at Widener University in Chester, Pennsylvania. Jennie has also been selected as the Daily Point of Light National Volunteer of the Day for May 11th.

English and Rhetoric Department Year-End Awards: Teddi Strassburger - Outstanding Major in English Literature; Mikaela LaFave - Outstanding Major in English Literature; Haley Brannan - Outstanding Major in Rhetoric; Julia Fox - Outstanding Major in Rhetoric; and Jessica Hebenstreit - Outstanding Major in Creative Writing.

Kirsten Morris has been accepted into UGA's Mathematics Ph.D. program.

Allie Barys has been accepted into Catherine University's Doctorate in Physical Therapy program.

Savannah Harrison has been accepted into the UGA School of Law.

Alexander Cline has been accepted into the Graz International Summer School.

Abigail Gardner has been accepted to Mercer University's College of Pharmacy.

Jonathan Mangrum was selected as a 2016 Campus Compact Newman Civic Fellow--this is a national award recognizing civic engagement.

Haley Brannan performed two short stories at the Patti Pace Performance Festival in Statesboro, GA.

Samantha Clapp has been accepted to the University of Maryland, Baltimore County's REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) summer program.

Kirsten Morris has been accepted to Perdue University's EDGE summer program for female students beginning PhD programs in mathematical sciences.

Hillary Hunnings presented a paper on U.S. humanitarian intervention at the International Studies Association Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA

Samantha Clapp presented a paper entitled, "Momentum Term for the Modified Spectral Projected Subgradient Method" at the Mathematical Association of America Southeastern Section, Birmingham, AL

Kirsten Morris presented a paper entitled, "Determining the Rank of a Kronecker Sum and Characterizing its Generalized Eigenvectors" at the Mathematical Association of America Southeastern Section, Birmingham, AL

Grace London has been accepted into Auburn University's History Ph.D. Program.

Allie Barys has been named second Academic All-American in GC Women's soccer history.

Maria Bermudez is interning in Washington DC this semester as a part of the GC in DC program.

Laura Ahrens has been elected SGA president.

Betsy Bartholf, Webb Beard, Haley Brannan, Mandi Brewer, Gloria Briscoe, Carrie Cooper, Sean McAleer, Emily McClure, Morgan Weekley, and Amanda Williams presented papers at the 2016 Georgia Collegiate Honors Council Annual Meeting Annual Meeting in Augusta, GA.

FALL 2014

History major Luke Manders has been awarded a Gilman Scholarship. Gilman is a national study abroad scholarship.