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The Honors Program promotes student research in numerous ways: by encouraging students to use Honors Options as a way to do research and to prepare research presentations; by informing students of research conference opportunities such as the annual Georgia Collegiate Honors Council and the GC Research Conference; by offering research conference grants to juniors and seniors who are invited to present their research at out-of-state, professional conferences; and by inviting students to present their research to other Honors students on campus.

Our research conference grants are made possible, in part, by a generous gift from Dr. Lynne S. Wilcox.

Honors Research Conference Grants

Spring 2015

Mary Eve Spirou, "The Political Voice of Women in the Georgia General Assembly.” Southern Political Science Association in New Orleans, LA.

Spring 2014

David Robeson, "Heavy-Metal Pollution and Bioremediation of Lead Contaminated Soils and Vegetation." American Chemical Society National Meeting, Dallas, TX.

Anne Zimmerman (co-author), "Inoculation with rhizobium and herbivory by Megacopta cribraria affect soybean phytochemistry and successive herbivores." Georgia Academy of Science Annual Meeting, Augusta, GA.

Fall 2012

Lori Berry, "Nutrients and Isotopes as Tracers in Understanding Water Surface..." (co-authored with Dr. Sam Mutiti). Geological Society of America's Southeastern Regional Conference, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Rujeko Chinomona, "Cooling of Rb-85 Atoms to Ultra Cold Temperatures Using Lasers." Women in Physics Conference, Lincoln, NE.

Anna Fontaine, "Costume Design: Sarah Ruhl's Eurydice." Georgia Theatre Conference, Americus, GA.

Spring 2012 

Candra Michelle Clason (co-author), "Status, Compatibility, and Gender as Predictors of Differences in Partner and Rival Directed Jealousy." Society of Personality and Social Psychology Annual Conference, San Diego, CA.
Candra Michelle Clason (co-author), "Artificial Awe: Creating Goosebumps in a Social Context." Society of Personality and Social Psychology Annual Conference, San Diego, CA.

Victoria Perrett (co-author), "To Give or Not to Give? Altruistic Decision Making Under Pressure." Georgia Psychological Society Annual Meeting, Valdosta, GA.

Fall 2011

Lori Berry, "Determining the Hydraulic Conductivity of the Subsurface in Wetland Environments." American Geophysical Union Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA.

Hannah Sadowski, "Urban Wetland's Filtration of Pollutants in Milledgeville, Georgia." American Geophysical Union Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA.

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