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University Housing
Located in Sanford Hall
Campus Box 60
Milledgeville, GA 31061

Phone 478-445-5160
Fax 478-445-1935



Community Advisor


CA Application available Oct. 20, 2014
Applications due Nov. 7, 2014
Interviews Nov. 20- 21 , 2014


Thank you for your interest in the Community Advisor position!  If you have specific questions about these positions, please contact a current student staff member, community director or email us at housing@gcsu.edu

Proceed to the CA Application.


  • Live on a wing in a Central Campus residence hall or West Campus apartment.
  • Develop a rapport with each of the residents on your wing.
  • Organize programs of all types for your residents.
  • Assist students in finding campus resources.
  • Distribute information to your residents.
  • Assist University Housing with various administrative duties.
  • Assist students with minor maintenance issues.
  • Assist with student check in and check out.
  • Serve in a duty rotation for emergency response.
  • Enforce university policy and community standards in your building.


  • CAs must attend training that occurs prior to the start of each semester.
  • CAs must assist with closedown activities that occur after the end of each semester.
  • CAs must have lived in University Housing for at least two semesters and pursuing a degree.
  • Your Georgia College Semester and Cumulative GPA must be at least a 2.75.
  • CAs must remain in good judicial standing both academically and judicially.
  • CAs may not have other employment outside of University Housing during their first semester of employment.
  • The CA position is for an academic year (both fall and spring semesters).


  • CAs' payment is equivalent to a semester of housing for each semester they serve.

Proceed to the CA Application.

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