Community Advisor Staff

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You can email your Community Director, or visit them during their scheduled office hours.


Adams Hall Staff
Andraelya Moody, Community Director
Nora Anderson
Zachary Cook
Jennifer Crawford
Patrick Nix
Linsey Poe
James Vogt
Tiffany Wannamaker


Bell Hall Staff
Audrey Waits, Community Director
Amber Akers
Scotty Beauchamp
Kyle Foerster
Betsy Luttrell

Zachary Sine
Elaine Smith
David Robeson



Foundation Hall Staff
Sarah Naji, Community Director
Matthew Cline
Fiona Lien (not pictured)
Adam Lock
Elizabeth Lohrmann
Sarah Owen (not pictured)
Kayla Rideaux
Callie Rowe
Brendan Starr

Napier Hall Staff

Keri Axelrod, Community Director
Jordan Appell
Kirstie Barkfoot
Cody Carden
Chance Jones
Samantha Mitts (not pictured)
Kellie Pitts


Sanford Hall Staff
Mary Catherine Hydrick
Han-Tae Kim
Sarah Rogers


San Napier


Parkhurst Hall Staff
Mary Schechinger, Community Director
Austin Blanchard
Katelynn Coleman
Bianca Diaz
Evan Hearn
Jessica Love
Hope McDonald
David Paulsson

Wells Hall Staff
William Fleming, Community Director
Kayla Gula
Erica Jones
Michael Lerzo
Sara McFadyen
Colin Sasso 



The Village 1-4 Staff
Anna Burton, Community Director
Cameron Arceneaux (not pictured)
Simone Bridgeforth (not pictured)
O'Rian Carter
Olivia Eason (not pictured)
Nikki Gilbert
Kayla Preston
Kelsey Richardson

The Village 5-6 Staff
Trapper McLean, Community Director
Diana Bacullao
McCallister Davis
Mallory Foy
Gentry Keilser
Zachary Jackson
Kayla Lashley
Kimberly Mulkey

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