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What advice would you give to a transfer student?


We asked transfer students what advice they would give to someone considering transferring to Georgia College. Here's what they said.


"Be sure to make deadlines, the longer you wait to apply, the more likely you will be stuck with only the 'left over' classes and less housing options."
- Jennifer, Village Resident

"Keep an eye on the necessary paperwork such as immunization forms, final transcripts, and loan statements.  As a transfer student you will have very little time to get everything sorted out, so stay on top of it."
- Matheson, Bell Hall Resident

"I would advise students to live at The Village because it is very convenient that financial aid pays for it."
- Natasha, Village Resident

"I would say to get classes that you know will transfer the semester before, to ensure the ease of credit coming in once you are here. Also, if you have any petitions for class credits, handle it sooner rather than later, because the process is actually kind of long, and it's nice to get it out of the way early."
- Senitra, Village Resident

"Be outgoing!"
- Leah, Napier Hall Resident

"Get Involved!! It's harder to make friends as a transfer student than it is as a freshmen. The best way to really feel connected to your new school is by participating in any of the many activities involved on campus. You won't regret it!"
- Hannah, Village Resident

"I would recommend that transferring students come with an open mind so that they can better enjoy their time here, and with a goal so that their time here will more likely be successful. "
- Ryan, Parkhurst Resident

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