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University Housing
Located in Sanford Hall
Campus Box 60
Milledgeville, GA 31061

Phone 478-445-5160
Fax 478-445-1935


Campus Lockdown Procedures

If you are inside a building and you hear gunfire or receive an emergency message signifying a lock down please follow these steps:


  1. Go to the nearest room, office, or closet
  2. Close and lock the door
  3. If possible, cover the door or windows
  4. Place whatever you can in front of the door to prevent anyone from entering
  5. Place books in the front and back of your shirt to protect against gunfire
  6. Stay quiet and stay out of view
  7. DO NOT answer the door
  8. If you hear gunfire or have pertinent information to the situation, notify University Police at 478-445-4400 -  do this ONLY if it is reasonably safe to do so
  9. Give the communications officer the following information
  • Your name
  • Location of the incident (as specific as possible)
  • Number of known shooters
  • Identification of the shooter
  • Type of weapon (handgun, rifle, etc.)
  • Your current location
  • Location of known victims

10.  Stay barricaded inside the room, closet, etc. until your are escorted out by an emergency official or given an “all clear” notification message

If you are outside of a building, run off campus and seek shelter

Parkhurst at dusk
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