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University Housing
Located in Sanford Hall
Campus Box 60
Milledgeville, GA 31061

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Parent to Parent Advice

Last year we collected authentic comments, concerns, and words of wisdom from other Georgia College parents who experienced the move-in process. We invite you to look over their comments as you plan for your arrival to GC.

• Be prepared for a great experience. Focus on your child's first day of college and not the drudgery of moving.

• Follow the packing list provided by Housing and have your student prepare a list of his/her own a week before move-in day (so that it is fresh enough in their mind and they actually pack these items).

• Let the students do most of the work and planning.  When you get to campus, parents should start unpacking items from the car and let the students check-in by themselves.

• Plan a bit of extra time on campus on move-in day to hang out with your student (and help with the separation). You may also want time to run to the local stores to buy a few extra items and fresh grocery items.

• Don't over think what they need. They can always get it the next time they come home. We saw two parents with trailers hitched to their cars filled with stuff. Can't imagine, even in the apartments, where they put it all.

• Don't panic if you forget something. Wal-Mart, CVS and several other stores are very close by.

• Bring general cleaning supplies. You'll probably want to go over everything, even if the room had just been cleaned.

• For dorm residents, remember that they are moving their student into a room....not an apartment.  Many of them had way too much stuff, especially furniture.

• I think the most helpful advice would be for the roommates/suitemates to arrange to meet and plan their needs ahead of move-in time, if possible.  Our girls shopped together for shared items (bath accessories/organization, cleaning supplies) before moving in.  Duplicates were avoided, and the girls got comfortable with each other prior to move-in.

• Make sure your items are in containers and not just thrown in the car.

• I would recommend not bringing too many kitchen items if you live at The Village Apartments. 

• Take everything out of original boxes if you can and re-pack them in large tubs. Saved a lot of time and trash at campus.

• We had not unpacked our newly purchased refrigerator until we arrived. Unfortunately, it had a defective door so we had to load it back into our car and return.  We should have checked it prior to the move to prevent a visit to a very busy retail store. My advice is to check your appliances even though they are packaged so neatly.

• Pack light. Avoid bringing a couch or futon.

Moving In
• Arrive during your scheduled time.

• Our move-in time was from 8 a.m. - 10 p.m.  We waited till 9:30 a.m. to arrive.  At that time, there was hardly anyone waiting in line.  We missed the 8 a.m. rush of people and got moved in quickly.

• Plan plenty of time for settling in and unpacking.

• Trust the process. Plan on coming back within a few weeks when personal needs have been discovered.

• Be ready to carry lots of stuff long distances.  I'd bring a hand truck if you have one.

• Be prepared to sweat!

• Be prepared to go with the flow - do as much as your child wants (or allows!) and do it the way THEY want it, not how you think it will be best. Offer suggestions, but let them decide how they want things.

• Respect and equal sharing of the space.  You can only make one first impression with your roommate.

• Have fun.  Make it a happy day.  

• Buy them lunch downtown after you moved in.  Help them relax a little in their new home town.

• Bring homemade cookies to leave with them.

• Be positive and happy.  Hugs always help.

Saying Goodbye
• I did not initiate the first call to our daughter after leaving campus and just let her tell us about her start when she had gotten her bearings.

• Bring a fun family photo to put in their room. Set them up with a little care package of snacks and notes.

• Be prepared for some unexpected homesickness from your son or daughter that you thought was so independent- keep your cell phone by your side that night and the next couple of days.

• Don't forget to bring a camera and lots of smiles because this is definitely a once in a lifetime event (even if it's the 6th child to go to college).

• Don't linger - it makes the separation harder.

• Leave smiling.....cry later!!!

Move in day
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